Nov 3, 2014

Salem Halloween 2014

Just wanted to pop in for a quick post-Halloween wrap-up.

First, thanks to everyone that participated in the Halloween Web interview series. I know a lot of you had fun recounting Halloween memories and it was fun for me (and the readers) to see so many great takes on the questions. There was such an unexpected (by me) turnout that I didn't get to post on some of the Halloween goodies I picked up in October! Those will either trickle out over November or I may hold on to them for Creepmas, which is only a month away.

Second, thanks to the readers! Whether you just found the blog from the Countdown to Halloween or you're a long time reader, thanks for stopping by!

On to Halloween!

I didn't really mention it in my self interview but part of my ritual is putting on some Halloween music (usually our cable's "Sounds of the Season" station) and making up the treat bags to be given out. I found a new friend to help me this year. He wanted to make sure someone checked the candy.

Salem Halloween 2014 Sam Trick R Treat

Around 4:30pm a woman I didn't know showed up knocking on our door. She said she and her young sons were getting ready to go out soon and wanted to know if Freddy would be around! You may recall from me interviewing myself, that my stepdad inherited my Freddy costume when I took up the mantle of the Creep. Every year he becomes Freddy and wanders the neighborhood while we tend the trick or treaters before going into Salem. He's usually not out and about until it gets a little darker, but he's not one to turn away fans!

Salem Halloween 2014 Freddy & Kids

 It was definitely an odd night for trick or treaters. We've been getting more every year but it was very slow to start this year. I don't know if people were waiting until it got darker/later because it was a Friday night but they did start coming eventually. One of the best costumes was the Headless Horseman, the version from TV's Sleepy Hollow. I wish I'd taken a pic, it was pretty cool!

Halloween 2014 House
Trick or Treater ready!
 As it got close to the time we were leaving, of course more and more kids started coming! I almost wish our town would do trick or treating on a scheduled day and time that wasn't Halloween night so I could see all the kids and still get to haunt Salem.

Salem also seemed a bit under populated this Halloween. You'd think on a Friday night it would be really packed! If you're a Salem Halloween vet like me, you could tell there was noticeably more room to move around than previous years. Here's a few of the shots my wife was nice enough to take. In my costume, not only can I not see clearly more than 20' in front of me, I can't operate the camera!

Salem Halloween 2014 Pumpkinhead

I have to give this guy some major points for putting an actual pumpkin on his head all night!

Salem Halloween 2014 Preachers

One thing Salem is never short on Halloween night are religious people that want to tell you that you're going to Hell for celebrating Halloween. Because if it's one thing a city famous for persecution needs, it's more close-minded people. At least one of their signs is correct...

Salem Halloween 2014 Dr Syn

I wish I'd seen this costume in person! I was shocked looking at the photos to see someone did Dr Syn, the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh.

Salem Halloween 2014 Jack Skellington

It wouldn't be Halloween without the Pumpkin King!

Salem Halloween 2014 Tied Up Freak

Love that this thing was tied to a parking meter.

Salem Halloween 2014 Band

There are a few live bands that play at various locations around the city.
This Beatles tribute band performed on the Salem Common.

Salem Halloween 2014 Creep

Mrs & Mr Creep!

There's quite a few more pics on my Flickr page to check out.

And I also found this 15 minute YouTube video someone made walking down the pedestrian mall. It's not the best, but it will give you a little idea what it's like in Salem on Halloween.


  1. I must get to Salem for Halloween sometime.

  2. Cool pictures! It looks like there were some great costumes that night. I like that pumpkin head guy and the scarecrow. In a way it was probably nice that Salem wasn't so crowded that night. Too many people in costume can get annoying - all kinds of wings and hats, etc. bumping into one another. I would think that you'd especially like a little more freedom to move around since you can't see everything in your costume. So, did The Salem Creep scare lots of people this year?

    1. Oh yes, plenty of scaring! I think maybe even more so than usual. I seem to have drawn more reactions this year, lots of comments on the originality. One person said something to the effect of "that's no Party City outfit". Even the people that weren't truly scared of me were at least creeped out :D

  3. What a perfect place to live... especially at Halloween! Off to check your Flickr photos now! :)

    1. As much as I despise the winter/snow at times, I don't think I could live somewhere that doesn't have seasons...especially Autumn!

  4. Looks like a blast. Dr. Syn to me is one of the coolest scarecrows ever!

    1. I know the character but have yet to see the Disney movie. I remember it came out on DVD a few years back and I didn't grab it right away. Now it's going for a good price.

  5. I'm glad that as a Mormon i can celebrate Halloween till the cows come home and not have to worry about hell fire. Who put up that Argue With An Idiot sign, lol! I almost feel sorry for the guy. XD

    I was actually considering wearing a real pumpkin on my head as well this year! I wanted to dress up as a Plague Doctor, but i just couldn't get the costume together. Next year.

    Merry Halloween and Happy New Creepmas!

    1. I'm almost positive the guy himself put up the idiot sign! I guess it's a way to get people to engage him?

      I can't imagine trying to get a pumpkin to fit properly so it would be comfortable. Plague doctor is a good idea, they look pretty sinister already. :D