Feb 11, 2013

Mail Order Monday is Here to Pump *CLAP* You Up!

Let's face facts, kids. Your average comic book reader is not usually a paragon of physical fitness. Almost anyone that picked up a comic since the 60s will probably tell you they ran across a Charles Atlas bodybuilding ad at some point.

Today's ads are something a little different. Just wearing these manly leather and lead "wristlets" (wait, did I say manly?) every day will increase your arm strength! Well, duh. If you wear weights on your arm and go about your daily activity, it's going to build up your muscles because you're lifting extra weight, ie: weightlifting.

weighted wristlets 1971 comic book body building ad
Weighted Wristlets (1971)
And if you're not happy with the results of these, you can return them within 10 days! I imagine some young men got to day 9 and thought they could feel it working and if they just kept wearing them past day 10, they'd be sure to bulk up.

But if that amazing 10 day trial offer and the image of someone breaking two boards barehanded isn't enough to entice you, how about this guy?

Joe Welder Strong Arm Bracelets 1971 arnold schwarzenegger bodybuilding ad
Joe Weider Strong Arm Bracelets (1971)
Now that dude is ripped! Certainly he must have gotten like that by using these leather wristlets! Who's Joe Weider, you're asking? He's considered to be the father of modern bodybuilding...at least according to this web page.

But forget about him, I have a feeling this guy's going to be back in bigger and better things!


  1. Oh only I had these when I was younger I could have crazy ripped arms now lol.

  2. Yep, that's exactly what I tell guys I'm attracted to. I LOVE THE LOOK OF YOUR ARM POWER!



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