Aug 15, 2011

Mail Order Monday - Monster Robot (1974)

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For just $1 (and .15¢ S&H), you can get your very own plans to build a "Life-Size" Monster Robot!

When something is fictional, how do you determine what size "Life-Size" is?

I have "loads of fun" putting together stuff from Ikea where all the parts are professionally made from non-scrap material and you don't need to have any metal working or soldering skill. I can only imagine how much more fun this would be.

What child is going to be able to construct this 7' tall monstrosity? The only way I see this working is if the "scrap items" are actually cardboard boxes.

It says you hide inside to control it and goes on to say it acts like a creature from outer space. Transitive property would seem to indicate that you act like a creature from outer space. Just what are you trying to say Mr. Copywriter?


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