Aug 8, 2011

Mail Order Monday - Hypnotism

If you're a comic reader from practically any decade, you've seen ads for hypnotism, whether it's a "how-to" book or the infamous hypnotic coin.

Comic book ad from 1953 (Click to enlarge)

One thing that's not hard to miss is that these ads were rarely ever about self-help. They were usually about imposing your will on others.

The Hypno Coin (click to enlarge)
They were selling the idea that you would be able to hypnotize anyone, anywhere almost instantly and make them do your bidding. And what comic reading kid wouldn't want to have this magical power for a dollar?

Hypno TV ad 1974 (Click to enlarge)
This one's interesting for a couple reasons. First, it uses a TV and you need no prior hypnotism or electrical knowledge. Second, it shows a young lady in her nightie, arms straight out like a mindless slave. Makes you wonder what exactly were they going for here...

Um...yeah, ok....

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