Feb 8, 2023

Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons Figure - Bobby & Uni

 Come, traveler, let us return to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons to meet a boy and his dog...uh, unicorn.

Today we're joined by Bobby the Barbarian and his unicorn friend/pet Uni. Good job with the naming there, kid.

Again, loving the external package design even if the contents are wrapped in thin paper with nothing really to keep them from getting tossed around inside. Remember last time when I said how much I liked the way they were making a larger image with the box sides? Well, someone fell asleep on that.

Where is the top of Hank's bow or Diana's right foot?? I swear this line just gets more disappointing the further down the rabbit hole I go. I can't overstate how much I want to truly love this line but keep feel like I'm getting kicked in the teeth. Oh well, let's see what's in the box.

Because they're small, we get two, two, two figures! Also included is a d12, which is the correct hit die for a Barbarian...at least it was the last time I picked up a book which was awhile ago.

Bobby is packing his magic club and while it's cartoon accurate, isn't very visually striking. I mean, it's a hunk of wood and that's what it looks like. The shape of it and his small hands kind of limits posing him with it, not to mention the weight of it unbalancing him if you're not using a figure stand.

Surprising no one, this figure has articulation issues. I was shocked I managed to get the right elbow to move. The arms are so thin I didn't risk trying the other one.

Also problematic is the right knee. It barely budges. It also looks a lot tighter compared to the left one. I was trying to get him in a crouched position alongside Uni but that was not happening. There's also some weird lines on his right thigh that almost look like veins. Has Bobby been juicing? And while we're talking about legs...

Ugly backs of knees seems to be a recurring thing, if two figures I've looked at so far are anything to go by.

The animated likeness is spot on. The facial expression is about as perfect as it could be for him. Something I didn't notice with the last figure is the way they color print the eyes. I don't know if you can see it by clicking on it for a larger view but they've got those little white reflection spots in the eye. If you can see that, you can also likely see more weird "vein" lines on his neck.

Uni has exactly one point of articulation, the head and it works just fine. Good job, Hasbro!

Since I'm already all-in on the figures released so far, I can't imagine not finishing out the line when the reset of the gang shows up. It might be too much to hope for the the back half will have major quality improvements but for the love of Tiamat, I hope they do!

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  1. Weird that they missed some details in the connecting art on the packaging. Attention to detail. Still - cool figures.