Mar 20, 2019

Starforce Captian Marvel Figure

With Captain Marvel still flying high at the box office, today I'm showing off the Target exclusive Marvel Legends figure.

This figure was both frustrating and ridiculously easy to get. None of my local stores have had it in stock. They've barely even managed to have any of the regular Captain Marvel Legends on the pegs. Then it dawned on me to try the Target app and what do you know? A store a little further away had them in stock or I could order online? Bonus!

I ordered online, not wanting to risk waiting for the weekend to get to the store. I selected my local store thinking they would ship to that store. I then got a notice saying that because my store didn't have it in stock, they'd ship for free to my house. A couple days later I unexpectedly happened to be in the "in stock store" area and picked one up, just to be safe.

But enough about me, let's get a look at Starforce Captain Marvel.

The black, green, and silver looks really sharp on this figure. I don't know why but the red and blue costume figures just haven't done it for me and I really wanted to get some movie version of her in plastic form. The figure has all the great articulation you expect from a Legend and some awesome pack in accessories. But more on that later.

The mohawk head has a fun little smirk on her face, which I wish they'd used on the unmasked head as well, or at least some kind of expression.

The unmasked face just doesn't look right to me. It might be the sculpting is a little too good and it's in the uncanny valley area. Or maybe it looks a little too big for the body? It kind of has that look like when you know they're slapping RDJ's head on an all CGI Iron Man.

If you get up even closer than this, you can see the dots used to print the eyes which is just a bit weird. When I was grabbing one in the store, I was comparing the paint jobs on figures to make sure I had a good one and at first thought there was some kind of error on her left cheek and then realized, nope, that's a beauty mark!

Overall, this is a great figure and my only minor complaint is that her hands are balled up into fists. Oh wait, did you think I was wrapping up? It's accessory time!

An extra head, pair of hands, scarf, bandolier, and rifle turn her into Minn-Erva. She wasn't in the movie a whole lot but I really liked the character. Might be because I usually gravitate toward snipers/distance fighters in video games.

They did an amazing job with this alternate head. The colors in her hair are great and stupid me didn't get a good shot of the side of her shaved head. They could have put this out as a figure and I would have bought it. When we first saw shots of Captain Marvel in the green armor I was all "huh?" and after seeing the movie I'm all "more Starforce figures!" I'd love to see a Korath in uniform since we never got one from either Guardians line.

I decided to team up the comic version from a few years back with the movie version.

Marvel Legends have come a long way in a few years! I liked the comic figure when it came out (post here) but looking at it compared to a recent figure is a world of difference.

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