Sep 30, 2018

Monthly Movie Recap - September 2018

A movie recap at the end of the current month means the first of the month either kicks off Creepmas or the Countdown to Halloween! Be sure to visit every day in October for Halloween goodness.

Yes, I put up the Halloween decorations in September. 
What kind of animal waits until October?


Not much this month. Still catching up on Voltron Season 7.

Season 2 of Reboot: The Guardian Code just premiered and I'm going to force myself to watch it in the hopes that it improves over the first season.

On with the movies!

Killer Legends (2014, Netflix/Prime)
Great documentary that looks at the origins of urban legends including  the hook-handed man, babysitter murders, and Halloween candy poisoning. It's got that "a little too real" spookiness going for it.

Rating: Highly recommended for October watching!

Bad Moms (2016)
The main story was pretty average but this is a comedy so I'm only asking to laugh and be entertained. It definitely had its funny parts and I thought the leads played off each other well.

Rating: 7/10

Terrifier (2017, Netflix)
What this 80s style slasher lacks in plot or acting it way makes up for it in violence, blood and gore. Art the Clown returns from the All Hallow's Eve anthology to go on a killing spree and that about sums up the movie. If you're looking for a bloody good time, look no further.

Rating: 7/10

The Predator (2018)
There were re-shoots for the final act and it shows. It feels like they got up to the finale and then had a 10 year old finish the script. A lot of things in this movie seem to happen because they have to and not for any other logical reasons. The humans have a uncanny understanding of what's driving the Predators because they have to explain it to the audience, otherwise we'd never figure it out. The supporting cast is a lot more fun than the main character.

The Bigger They Are: I had fun watching it but the more I think about the plot after the fact, it's a (really) dumb action movie.

Rating: 6/10

Ms .45 (1981, Amazon)
The rape/revenge genre is something I dip into once in awhile. These are usually grindhouse fare where the woman is abused and then takes it upon herself to kick some ass. As she gets revenge and takes out scumbags she seems to go from vigilante to straight up killer. Once she hits that point, it's hard for me to be on her side.

Rating: 5/10

Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the MOTU (2017, Netflix)
I never got into MOTU in the 80s. Sure, I watched the cartoon but I think Skeletor was the only figure I owned. Having said that, this was still a good watch covering the history of the toys and various TV shows. I really enjoy this type of behind the scenes history.

Phobia 2 (aka Five Crossroads, 2009, Netflix)
Not sure "why" they use so many quotation "marks" in the "trailer" but don't let that deter you. This anthology is pretty solid start to finish. Plus, it's always refreshing to switch things up and go abroad with horror. The final short is by far my favorite because of the comedy in it. It starts around 1:30:30 and you should check it out.

Rating: 7/10. Shorts (best to least favorite) 5-1-3-4-2

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  1. It's really to bad about the Predator movie but is sounds like waiting for the Blu-Ray is the way to go. I think your beating me in movies for the year I'm only at 52 better get off my butt this October :)

    1. Yeah I was hoping for something more with The Predator but it's just...not great.