Jun 4, 2018

Mail Order Monday - Spy Pen (1971)

The mail order ads in comic books were always promising something amazing, something that seemed too good to be true. The Spy Pen was one of the few things that delivered on what it promised...sort of.

Spy Pen (1971)

Nowadays, if you're looking for a spy pen, you'll find them with an audio recorder, hidden camera, or even a USB drive built into them. This ad from 1971 promises the ability to see through walls!

You may wonder what miracle of modern 70s technology could perform this Superman-like feat. What could be so amazing to be the "greatest espionage device ever used by German intelligence during WWII and now used by Inter-Pol"?
The answer is: a drill.

Yep, a tiny drill built into the pen will make an "unnoticeable hole right through the toughest plaster or wood. Even someone standing near the wall will not hear the hole being drilled."

Once you drill the hole, you insert the pen into it to use its 172° wide angle lens to be able to view the entire room. And the best part? You can photograph through the lens!

This is the kind of thing that sounds awesome as a kid and pretty sketchy as an adult. I have to wonder how many annoyed parents had to patch holes in their walls because their kid got one of these.

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