Apr 25, 2018

Gentleman Jackling Figure by Cryptocurium

Back in October, I made my first purchase from Cryptocurium after months of ooh'ing and ahh'ing over The Order of the Thinned Veil stuff.  The Gentleman Jackling is the newest addition to the Jackling family.

Isn't he so dapper in his suit? I'm a dum-dum and forgot to take a shot of the back of the card so I'm going to type it out because you need to read about him.

The Halloween spirit manifests itself in many forms. In Halloween folklore the Jackling inhabits pumpkins and pumpkin patches but every so often pumpkin seeds have been scattered over graveyards. When this happens and the conditions are right, a Jackling may be produced that wears the garments of the body sleeping eternally below. How and why does this happen? Some have theorized that the Jackling produced is the remnant of the deceased's Halloween spirit given life once again through the mysterious power of 
Lantern Jack.

You'll notice on the front of the card it says "From the pumpkin patch of Lantern Jack." Who is Lantern Jack? If you head over to Cryptocurium's site you can see him in the $100 package level. I really like the lore on this guy, it sounds like a great setup for a camp fire story.

Below is the Gentleman Jackling along side the original Jackling and the Trick or Treater. He's just a  bit taller, and beefier, than the Jackling. My one nit to pick with the figure is that his clothes are shiny. I checked the other two figures and while they also have a shiny finish, it's not as noticeable from a distance. Maybe it's just that he has more flat surface to reflect. But like I said, this is a very minor thing and I'm happy to add him to my Jackling family.

These guys are always done in a limited run so if you want to bring one home, keep an eye on Crytptocurium's Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram pages. They also put out some great stuff if you're a horror and/or Cthulhu fan.


  1. Wow I would keep those up all year very cool!

    1. They're hanging out together on my monitor stand every day!

  2. I just received one of those Flickr email updates and saw your pics of this little guy. I figured you'd blogged about him, so I headed over. They're all so adorable! I agree this one is pretty dapper. And I like the way you photographed him in his natural environment. :)

    1. I was pretty happy with myself for that particular photo. I always see other people's photos and wonder why I generally just shoot things instead of doing something creative.