Sep 21, 2015

NYC & Duran Duran

Things were a little quiet last week because I was in New York for the first half of the week. Things will probably continue to be a little quiet around here for the next week or so as I spend my normal "blog time" ramping up for the Countdown to Halloween. Also, for those wondering, the SummerSwap is still going on! Should have a field report soon.

The main reason we went to NYC was to see Duran Duran as they start touring for their latest album, Paper Gods. If you're saying "Are they still around?" the answer is yes, yes they are. In fact, I defy you to listen to "Pressure Off" and not get it stuck in your head.
More on the concert later.

While doing touristy things, we found NBC was out in Times Square promoting Heroes Reborn. I have to admit, when I first heard it was coming back as a finite series, I wasn't all that excited. But the more I see of it, the more I want to see of it!

They had a "4D" experience you could go through to get tested for powers. There was a pretty long line and it would take about 3-4 minutes per person. A little quick math told me I'd be standing there at least an hour. It seemed pretty cool but not wait in line an hour cool. Luckily, if you just wanted to do the free photo op, you could skip ahead to do just that.

And as soon as you fill out your info on the computer, BOOM! You get an email with a link to your pic. Not only that, but it also gets plastered on the Jumbotron.

One of the other fun spots on our trip was Dylan's Candy Bar. Oh. My. God. If you ever have the chance to see this place, go! Not only do they have probably every candy you can think of, they also make their own fudge and there's an ice cream shop on the top floor. You'll be seeing more from there in October but here's a few shots for now...

This doesn't really show the scale of this giant chocolate bunny.

Just a sampling of the variety of deliciousness.

Remember these?
Nothing appeals to kids like candy based on things that can kill you.

And then, there was the concert. I got to meet some new people, one of which is an autopsy photographer, so that was an added bonus!

We got there a few hours early after getting a text from another friend that said the band was popping out to sign for the people waiting at the back door. Unfortunately/fortunately, by the time we got there they weren't outside anymore but were doing a sound check. So we got to hear a few songs before lining up at the front door.

I had heard the first two ladies in line had gotten there around 6:30am! We got there almost 12 hours later and were still able to be in the first three rows for a general admission show. It was a great show, as always!

^^ Probably my favorite shot of the night. ^^

So those are just three of the 98 shots I have!
If you want to check out the rest, head over to my Flickr album.

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