May 8, 2014

Adventure Time Playpak Trading Cards

After weeks of passing these by in Target, I finally gave in and decided to check them out. Initially, I didn't think it was a good value which is why I haven't picked them up before now. Each $3 pack comes with 5 cards: 2 base cards, 1 sticker card, and either a standee, temporary tattoo, or Princess glitter card.

Adventure Time FunPak 1

The base set of 18 cards are your standard trading cards. The stock is pretty solid with a nice glossy coating. On the reverse of each character it has a quote and facts about them such as species, occupation, hobbies, and trivia. 

Adventure Time FunPak 2

These are some of the fun cards. Starting in the top left, we have a Princess Bubblegum scratch n sniff card. If you ever bought cards when you were a kid that came with a stick of crunchy gum, this is that smell. I love it! It's so much nostalgia in something as simple as a smell. There are 3 of these to collect and on the back it shows you how to draw the character.

Top right is a sticker card, who doesn't love stickers? There are 9 of these and their backs feature puzzle pieces that you match up to create a 3x3 picture. Yet another throwback to the trading cards of childhood.

On the bottoms are a couple of glitter Princess cards. I tried to capture their sparkliness as best I could. Thankfully, they've sealed the glitter in the card, unlike those glittery greeting cards that have unnaturally sticky glitter that gets all over you. There are 9 Princesses and the reverse has an activity like spot the difference or a secret message to decode.
Smack in the middle is one of the 3 possible standees featuring the Ice King. These are punch-out cards that you can make into a little stand-up version of the character. Like so...

Adventure Time FunPak Finn standee

Getting the slots set just so is a little bit of a pain in the butt, but otherwise these are probably my favorite type of card in the set. I just wish they did more than 3 so I could set up a little Land of Ooo.  This is labelled as Series 1 so hopefully there will be more coming!

If you want to see all the cards you can go to the product page and click on Links & Downloads at the bottom for a pdf checklist. There's another set scheduled for Q3 that is more collector oriented with some really math inserts like autograph cards, sketch cards and "totally fabricated" wardrobe cards.

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