Mar 10, 2021

Slashy Camp Game Review

 If you're into mobile gaming, you've likely heard of Crossy Road or one of the seemingly hundreds of clones of it. If you're also a horror nut, you might have also heard of Slayaway Camp, a slasher inspired puzzle game. Now, the people behind Slayaway Camp have stitched these two together for a really fun casual game on Android and iOS.

Skullface, the "star" of Slayaway Camp, is back for more blood in an endless runner kill fest. Your goal is simple: romp through the woodlands, avoid hazards, and kill everything on two legs. I say two legs because even maniacal slashers shouldn't hurt forest animals. Trust me.

But it's not all about the murder...well, ok, it's mostly about the murder. If you want to increase your score, you can scare the average victim just by moving next to them. Prolong the death blow and you get extra points! You can also use this to your advantage because once scared, they will run away from you in a straight line. See that poor guy in the middle of the screen up there? He's going to run away into a campfire. Who needs marshmallows?
There's plenty of other environmental hazards like pits, spikes (who puts spike traps in the woods?), land mines (what??), and the arch nemesis of many a video game hero: water. You'll also have firearm packing cops and woodsman to avoid. To help even things out, you can pick up weapons which award even more points on a kill if you complete a quick mini-game.

Rack up a high enough body count and you go into Beast Mode which makes you truly unstoppable for a short period of time. Not only will it increase your points, it also amps up your strength and you'll be tossing people across the screen. ProTip: Don't leave any victims behind to get there much faster!

If you're sharp eyed, you may have noticed the killer in my screenshots looks more like Jason than Skullface. As you play the game, you get experience points. Get enough to level up and you'll unlock more killers and weapons. Right now there are 16 slasher skins and 38 different weapons. These don't have any effect on the game play but it's nice to change up your killer once in awhile.

And if you're so inclined, there are 3 exclusive slashers that can only be unlocked with good ol' cash. Being a free mobile game, there are ads after every play through but you can spend a mere $0.99 to remove the ads and add more blood. How's that for a deal?

Slashy Camp is a fun twist on the Crossy Road style game. If you're a horror fan, its definitely worth the buck to see the blood fly (and remove ads). After a few plays, you'll be strategizing your moves for maximum carnage...and points!

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  1. Ha! Love it. Capitalism and creativity at its finest.