Jul 15, 2020

Order of the Thinned Veil 2020

It's looking more and more like we won't be having a traditional Halloween this year so I'm happy to take it in any form I can get it. After last year's experience, there was no doubt I'd be joining the Order of the Thinned Veil again this year.

The Order, or OTV, is a yearly membership for Halloween fiends to get tricks and treats all year long. There are three levels of membership, basically the more you pay, the more stuff you get. I went for the Trick or Treat level which is the mid-level option. That means I get one package now and one later in the year.

The first shipment is the first level, or Candy Corn membership.

You can get more info on each piece at the OTV homepage. But here's a run down.

“The Nightwatchman” Owl Wall Plaque by Jason McKittrick
“Candy Corn Cometh” art print by Sam Heimer
Pumpkin Seeds!
Halloween themed "popping candy" with sucker
OTV Enamel Membership Pin

Not pictured: 
2020 Welcome Letter from Lisa Morton, author of The Halloween Encyclopedia
Order of the Thinned Veil Membership Certificate
“The Legend of Lantern Jack” – An original tale by Jason McKittrick. This short story is the basis for most of the artwork produced by the Order of the Thinned Veil.

While I love everything I got here, what I"m really excited for is the next shipment, the Trick or Treat level. It includes a set of 3 Trick or Treater figures that I cannot wait to get! There were five offered this year in total but I couldn't quite afford the next level to get them but I will be more than happy with the three that will be knocking on my door.

If you're a Halloween fanatic, you should be following the gents behind the Order on Instagram to keep with with the treats they produce year round.


  1. Oh wow thats pretty cool going to check it out.

  2. Always like your Halloween posts and collectibles. Very cool.

    1. Thanks! Halloween will be interesting this year to say the least.