Jun 21, 2018

Jurassic World Kinder Eggs

You can't go wrong combining two things kids love: dinosaurs and candy!

You may have spotted these in your grocery store within the past month. I know I was pretty excited to see Jurassic World Kinder Eggs because that means little toy dinosaurs inside!

Each egg has two halves. The first has the standard (delicious) Kinder Egg candy in it. The other, a tiny dino, an insert that tells you about the dino, and a little fold out showing all the dinos available. The back of the fold out has picto-instructions for using your toy.

When you open the insert (top left) it gives you a little environment for your beastie as well as a QR type icon you can scan with the Kinder app. I checked this out and, unless I missed something, I think only the youngest kids will get a kick out of it. It doesn't do a whole lot but it is a Kinder app and not specific to Jurassic World so points for trying.

The toys are about the size you'd expect to get from a 75 cent capsule toy machine and maybe a bit better in quality. Each dino comes in two snap-together parts so you can put its skeleton inside it. The downside to this most of the time is the dinos look a little off. This T-Rex is obviously not skipping leg days!

And sometimes they just kinda sorta look like the actual dino. Whatever this thing is, it doesn't look much like a Dimorphodon. It looks more like Rodan and Godzilla had a baby.

Other times they'll surprise you! The Mosasaurus turns out to be my favorite of the three I have. This is mainly because the skeleton inside does not change the dino shape at all.

Kinder Eggs used to be illegal in the US but now you can find them just about anywhere that sells candy. Depending on the store, they are usually between $1.25-$1.50 each. Totally worth it for a tiny dino and some candy!

I'm still on the hunt for two of them. One being the Velociraptor and if the T-Rex is any indication, I'm not expecting greatness. Second, the Ankylosaurus, one of my favorite dinos that I have high hopes for because it should be similar to the Mosasaurus.


  1. I actually love the Jurassic Park set with the skeleton one of those times I did not say no to candy.

  2. They were illegal?Did not know that.Quality toys ,though.Except for the Rodan / Godzilla hybrid ;)

  3. How did you get a different dinosaurs? My son loves dinosaurs and loves these kinder eggs. He is trying so hard to collect them all but keeps getting multiple of the same Dinosaur. He has two of the Apatosaurus, one T-Rex, one velociraptor, one Triceratops and six Dimorphodon. I didn’t know if you had a trick so you got a different Dino each time. If you do would love to hear it. He is trying so hard to get the Mosasaurus and like you he really wants the Ankylosaurus.

  4. These are great! We got the T-Rex and Ankylosaurus!



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