Feb 13, 2014

Cereal Prize!

A recent episode of the Nerdist podcast had Chris Hardwick talking to Topher Grace. You may remember him as dumbass Eric Foreman from That 70s Show, or the poor guy who got saddled with Venom in Spider-Man 3. Let's face it, the movie had bigger problems...

Anwyay, Topher was talking about how he's now just jumping into social media and has started his own site to feature "a collection of all the different shit he likes and wants to share with others." After visiting the site, I had to share it because I know a lot of you out there love the 80s like I do.

The first thing highly recommend when you go to Cereal Prize, is to right click on the background image and select View Background Image. Then spend way too much time looking at it and checking out all the references in it.

He's got all kinds of funny and odd content linked on there, like a script treatment for E.T. 2. and a site where you can play Cavern of the Evil Wizard from Big. He said he's going to do daily posts about..whatever. He has a plan to do a week of the best 90s songs from fiction bands like Zac Attack and Jesse & the Rippers. That should be fun!

So pop on over to Cereal Prize and tell em I sent you. Not that he has any idea who I am and it'll probably just confuse the heck out of him.