Feb 22, 2013

Another Savers Score

I had an appointment with a job placement agency earlier in the week which is about an hour away. While I was on my way there, I happened to pass another Savers store. I made a point to check it out on the way home and found more cool stuff!

First up is a couple of interesting looking books. The graphics and title on the spine of River of Gold caught my eye enough to pull it and give it a looksee. While I continued to browse the shelves I found the first book in the series also.

I did a quick phone check to find out there are three books in the series but the last wasn't there. The combination of "in the spirit of Raiders" tag on the first book and the back covers sold me anyway. Especially River of Gold talking about the lost city of Amazon warrior-women, piranhas and head hunters! $2/each

Next was something I randomly found while standing in the checkout. A 1964 Disneyland souvenir book for It's a Small World! Despite the fact that I think this ride would be vastly improved by the addition of an infrared blaster system (or even paint or pellet guns), I'm fascinated by Disney Imagineering.

Disneyland 1964 It's a Small World Souvenir Book

The first half of the book is packed with photos and a written guide of the ride.
The back half gives a behind the scenes look at how it was created and works.

Walt Disney Disneyland 1964 It's a Small World Souvenir Book

Here's the center spread.

Walt Disney Disneyland 1964 It's a Small World Souvenir Book

If this were Haunted Mansion or Pirates related, I'd definitely add it to the archives. Recent Ebay auctions have closed around $15-$20. Considering I paid 29 cents for it, I might flip it.

Lastly, I found another cool game but this one's even older than  The Phantom: Ruler of the Jungle game I found from 1966! Although I don't know exactly what decade it's from. The interwebs tell me Milton Bradley started producing it in the 1890s. In researching I've also seen plenty of different box covers tagged as being from the 1930s and 1940s.

Milton Bradley Table Croquet 4333
The mallets are about 8" long to give you a size reference.

The box has a bit of wear and a couple of split corners but considering it could be anywhere from 70-120 years old, it's not bad! There's no parts list but it looks to be complete with the exception of a foot from one of the wickets. The directions are printed on the inside box lid. $2

There's something a little odd about the cover art that I didn't really notice until I looked at the large size image. Take a look at that guy on the right. The color in the photo is a little off, but he's wearing a purple suit, has green hair and thanks to his cheek blush, looks like he has a big red smile! I hope he doesn't ask anyone if they want to see a mallet disappear...


  1. Another awesome score congrats Dex.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah what's interesting is odds are this art was produced before the Joker's first appearance in comics.



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