Jan 9, 2012

Mail Order Monday - Inflatable Doll (1970)

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Hey, this is an ad from a comic book, it's not that kind of doll!

But it does make you wonder what the marketing people were thinking placing a mail order ad for an inflatable doll in a comic book. I don't recall the particular book this ad came from but I know the books I cull from are horror or sci-fi comics which I would presume were mainly read by young teenage boys.

There is a multitude of creep going on in this ad...
  • The ad is written in first person as if the doll is talking to you
  • She tells you that you can take her to a wedding, party or swimming (she floats!)
  • "You're bound to find hundreds of exciting and unusual uses for me."
  • The suggestion to give an inflatable doll to your daughter...Why, that would make her the talk of the town.
  • For an extra $7 you can get her with a bikini, pajamas and a blond or brunette wig (no redhead?)
  • Most creepy: If not 100% satisfied after 10 days, you can get your money back. What did they do with the returned dolls??
If you haven't seen the below horror movie, track it down.
It's a heart-warming tale of a man and his life-like doll.


  1. A burglar deterrent, too?? Alrighty then! Just a whole bunch o' fun!

  2. Oh my, what a mix of emotions. Feeling deeply disturbed even as I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes!

    The main picture looks an awful lot like a young Marlena from "Days of Our Lives".

  3. "What did they do with the returned dolls??" Maybe they were sent to the next customer? Haha, no that seems wrong. I do think that happens with some returned products, though.