Sep 17, 2014

League No More!

It was with heavy heart that I caught up on my RSS feeds last night when I saw that Brian at Cool and Collected is closing down the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. Although Cool and Collected and the other League members aren't going anywhere, I'll still miss having a topic thrown at me to write about.

Over the course of the League, 75 different blogs have risen to the weekly challenge at one time or another. Some of these cool people I may not have met otherwise. I think the League's lasting legacy will be the community and friendships that formed around it.

Brian's post says "Goodbye" to the League, but I prefer to say "Until next time." Like any good super team, I think the League will wait in the wings until the world needs them again and their leader (whether new or old) calls for them to assemble.

Huge thanks to Brian and all the bloggers who made The League so much fun.
*Cue the slow clap*

Really, Superfriends? If you need pall bearers, why choose the Flash? That's gotta be some kind of torture for him to have to walk as slow as everyone else.

Sep 12, 2014

Halloween is Coming...

Alright, after grousing that Halloween stuff appearing in August is too soon, I'm ready to go all in now! Although Autumn doesn't "officially" start for about a week and a half, it's getting cooler and that crispness is starting to creep into the air ever so slowly.

If you have a blog and are going to be posting about Halloween during October, be sure to head over to the Countdown to Halloween site and register! It's a great community and a way to discover some new blogging buddies. You don't have to post every single day of the month, but some people do. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up for all 31 this year, but I'll definitely be contributing when I can.

You can also join in the fun with Strange Kids Club's annual HalloWatch. See something Halloween related that's cool? Snap a pic, post to Instagram and tag #Hallowatch and @StrangeKidsClub for a chance to have your pic featured on the site.

If you need to treat yourself to a little something to start getting in the holiday mood, check out the Universal Monsters ReAction figures. Entertainment Earth recently put up an exclusive translucent Invisible Man. They also just announced a new wave of Alien figures, including a metallic Alien and two Kanes: one with Facehugger and one with burst chest (dancing baby alien with top hat and cane not included).

And you should also definitely check out the brand new single from Salem's own Scary Mary and the Audio Corsette which just came out. It's 80s-tastic! Preview it here on iTunes. They're having an 80s Halloween dance party in Salem at the end of this month and I hope I'll be able to go, it should be awesome.

Sep 9, 2014

The Munsters Uncle Gilbert Figure

Thanks to a recent one day sale at Entertainment Earth, I scored the Uncle Gilbert figure.

Munsters Uncle Gil

In addition to his dapper hat, he comes packed with a section of floor with a foot peg, and a couple of staircase parts so that if you get all the figures in the set, you can build the Munster home stairs, complete with Spot's head! Freeing him from the package was a bit of a pain. He was secured with the dreaded wiry twisty ties. Sometimes you just want to open the thing with minimal hassle, y'know?

Munsters Uncle Gil

He's the most articulated Creature figure I own so far. I say so far because I happened to be in Toys R Us today and saw they had a new exclusive Universal Monsters line which has a Creature figure that has got some major articulation going on. There's a good review of him at The Fwoosh. Gil's leg articulation is a little odd. He's got knees, ankles, and swivel cut thighs, but no hips! You can bend his knees but not bring his legs forward. Probably for the better with his long coat, although it is pretty pliable.

Munsters Uncle Gil

Here's Gil with the previous Diamond Select Creature figure. What the older one lacks in articulation,  it makes up for in paint detail. When I started shooting Gil I was getting annoyed because the pics looked like they didn't have enough light and weren't capturing his face. It wasn't until I paired these two up that I figured out what the problem was.

Munsters Uncle Gil

Gil has no real facial definition. Look at his noggin compared to his naked brother. A world of difference! Maybe they didn't think of it since they were bringing a black & white character to color? Or maybe it was a cost saving decision.  Either way, I think I'd rather have a B&W figure. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a variant.

Munsters Uncle Gil

Sep 4, 2014

Marvel Legends Star-Lord Figure

Star-Lord, man.

Star-Lord hero pose

Star-Lord is the first Marvel Legends figure I've ever bought, so I thought I'd show him off and give a mini-review. I listen to Marvelicious Toys podcast. They review all sorts of Marvel collectibles and toys and they always have great things to say about Legends. If you're not familiar with the line, they're 6" scale and are loaded with articulation.

Star-Lord air blasting
Pew! Pew! Pew! Rocket boots, awaaaaaay!
He comes with plenty of accessories, including his twin pistols and "purse." The satchel is not removable unless you pop an arm out of its socket. I'm not sure if it's possible considering how the figures are made, but since I paid $20 for him, I'd rather not damage him. I don't know why they couldn't have made it with a buckle to make it easy to take off. They did something like that with the recent Dagobah Luke Skywalker's backpack. Granted it looks a little weird in that size but maybe it would work in the slightly larger Legends scale.

Speaking of non-removable accessories, I love the long coat but it would have been awesome if they could finagle some way to make the bottom half removable so he could also sport the biker type jacket he wears for most of the movie. Aside from looking cool, having the biker jacket would allow him full use of all articulation points, if you know what I mean. And what I mean is, the long coat prevents him from being posed in several positions and makes the chest articulation almost useless.

Star-Lord rockin
If you like Piña Colaaadaaaaaaaas
He also comes with headphones and a tiny yellow block which I presume to be his Walkman. It doesn't fit in his hand too well due to it's small size and I bet it could get lost very easily, which is why I'm keeping it in a ziploc baggy with the rest of his stuff. Another small improvement would have been to put a peg on the back of it and a hole on his belt so he could wear it. Oh yeah! He also comes with two, two, two heads! This is something I applaud them heartily for. They could have gone with just the unmasked face and had some kind of clip on mask which would probably not looked as cool as the alternate head.

Star-Lord ord
Ooh, shiny!
And Star-Lord just wouldn't be complete without the movie's MacGuffin: the orb. It's not as small as the walkman, but it is round which means it will roll if you drop it on a hard floor.

Star-Lord elbow

The previous things I've groused about are relatively minor. I am not a fan of the way they do the elbow joints. The hinge piece in the middle is rubbery which makes it almost impossible to have the figure hold its arm straight out. As you can see in the photo, the arm is extended but not quite straight, like he had a fracture that didn't heal properly.

There's also an issue with his shoulder on this side. The jacket is molded a little too tight around the socket. I have to stick a something inside the coat to loosen it and allow the shoulder to rotate to specific angles.

Even my bigger problems with the figure aren't so major, he really is a nice piece of work. I almost forgot, he also comes with a Groot arm. The Legends usually come with a build-a-figure part, which means you have to buy most, if not all, of the figures in a wave to build the bonus figure. That's how they get you! I'll show Groot off sometime in the future once I have more parts.

Here's a few more shots for fun.

Star-Lord incoming

Uh-oh, what was that?

Star-Lord busted

Throw down your weapons, we have you surrounded!

Star-Lord vs Fett 1

This is why it's not the best idea to go around air guitaring when you think you're alone.

Star-Lord vs Fett 2

Oh, uh...hey there Mister Fett...

Sep 1, 2014

Monthly Movie Recap - August 2014

Wow, September already! For most of us, that means Halloween is just around the corner, but not Dinosaur Dracula! His countdown starts now and I love him for it.
This blog can only dream to be like his when it grows up. 

If you see a title you like, click to order from Amazon. Even if you don't see anything you like, click a link and find something you do like and buy from Amazon. Every little bit helps!

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Full disclosure: I was in love with this movie from the first trailer and I've been a fan of Rocket since the 80s. I had ridiculously high hopes for this movie. It did not disappoint! I haven't had this much pure fun watching a movie in a long time. I can't wait to see them interact with other residents of the MCU. I need prequels! Rocket & Groot, Nebula & Gamora, Star-Lord & Yondu's adventures!

Cool: The characters, the soundtrack, the gorgeousness...too many things to list!
Lame: It felt like there were throwing a lot of info at me and if I wasn't a comic reader, I don't know that I would have kept it all straight.
Rating: 8.5/10, the only people that shouldn't see this are those that don't like a good time


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