Feb 20, 2020

Marvel Legends - Doctor Doom

I mentioned in a recent post that Dr. Strange is my favorite Marvel character but Dr. Doom is my favorite villain. What can I say? I guess I have a thing for mystically trained, educated characters.

I like Doom because he's complicated. He's not just evil for evil's sake. He's always got an angle. Heck, somewhat recently he even called himself Infamous Iron Man and took over for Tony Stark for a bit. 

I was pretty excited to see him when preview pics came out of the Fantastic Four wave of Marvel Legends. Sure, Infamous Iron Man had a figure but as much as I dug it, it wasn't the Doom. And yet, I hemmed and hawed, passing the figure up no less then three times at retail. I eventually caved in to the social media peer pressure of everyone saying how great the figure is. And I'm glad I did!

The detail on this figure is darn impressive! I daresay even the Lord of Latveria himself would approve! The tunic is plastic but they put some great texturing on it to make it look like fabric. There's multiple holes in the belt in case Doom puts on/drops some weight. Being a dictator can be stressful, no judgement here.

And just look at that armor. There's rivets on the outside and straps on the inseam. Such small details they didn't have to include but go a long way to make it the best it can be.

The cape is removable and is probably the one thing I'm not completely over the moon about as it makes him somewhat back heavy and difficult to stand. Under the cape, he's got a pair of jets. You can see one just behind his shoulder. And not only does the holster have a monogrammed D on it and hold his pistol, but it actually opens.

I have to admit I was hesitant to try and pop it open in case it wasn't supposed to but that's just more genius put into the figure. I've always found it odd that he carries a pistol. I mean, on top of his armor, he's no slouch in the mystic arts. I guess it's more of a status symbol.

As far as accessories go, he comes with the pistol, four hands (two "I'll get you, Richards!" clenched fists, a right hand for pistol holdin', and a left menacing gesture hand), and two heads. The one you've seen so far is the classic "man in the iron mask" Doom. The other is a more modern version.

The modern head looks more like an armored suit than a suit of armor and the hood is a bit larger. The eyes on both heads are fantastic. You can practically feel the loathing.

The tunic is a hard plastic and while it does move a little, it's still going to limit range of motion for his legs. There was something that felt off to me about the figure and I finally figured it out. The classic Doom look (what I usually picture for him) has a tunic that just covers his butt instead of knee length. Not a big deal.

Lord Doom would appreciate it if you bought his figure.

Feb 12, 2020

Salem So Sweet Ice Sculptures 2020

This past weekend was the 18th Annual Salem's So Sweet Chocolate & Ice Sculpture Festival. It's a great event to get people into local businesses with shopping discounts and food sampling. But the main reason I go is for the ice sculptures...and maybe a bit of free chocolate tasting.

This year there were 26 ice sculptures on display around the downtown Salem area. The weather was perfect...if you're an ice sculpture. It was around 30F with the occasional bitter cold wind. Due to that, I didn't walk around to see all the sculptures but I do have a few photos to share.

Star Wars The Child aka Baby Yoda ice sculpture

This Baby Yoda (or The Child if you prefer) looks like he may be a little younger than 50 with his chubby cheeks.

Godzilla ice sculpture

The thing you've been waiting for all your life...Godzilla on Ice! Okay, so it's more Godzilla in ice. Something about the way the spikes/plates on his neck was making me think of the House Stark banner.

Licensed properties actually are in the minority, but happen to be the ones I'm more excited to see. Most of the others are representing local businesses, like this one for Coon's Card & Gift Shop.

Here's a pair of large heart shaped glasses in front of Old Town Hall, which is the oldest surviving municipal structure in Salem, dating back to 1816 or 1817. It was also featured in Hocus Pocus as the exterior of the building where the big party takes place.

guardians of the galaxy baby groot ice sculpture

This Baby Groot was my favorite of the ones I saw.
It has an amazing likeness and the detail work on the face is crazy.

I happened to go earlier in the day and they were still working on getting some of the ice in place. There's a small chainsaw on the left and if you look in the truck, you'll see a couple of large blocks of ice.

When night rolls around, the sculptures are illuminated with colored lights. If you want to see more ice sculpture pics (lit and unlit), check out CreativeNorthShore on Facebook and DerekMillen on YouTube.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, several of the Salem monsters were out and about on Saturday for Monster Hugs. During October, you can find them on the streets to take photos with for a donation. This time, they're donating all their tip money to Boston Childrens' Hospital. With it being so cold, I was pretty bundled up so I didn't take any pics with them but good on them for toughing it out for a good cause! You can find plenty of pics of them with one of my favorite monsters: Salem_Satan on IG.

Feb 7, 2020

Labyrinth Playing Cards

I did tell you to tune your crystal ball in to see the next deck of cards and that was sort of a clue as to what it might be.

Labyrinth has been one of my favorite movies since it came out. Both the movie and the soundtrack have gotten a lot of play over the years. Back in the dial-up days of Bulletin Board Systems, I adopted Jareth as my first online handle.

There is so much to love with this deck! First, they used the riddle door guards Ralph (red) and Alph (blue) as the Jokers. What better choice is there?

Second, Hearts/Diamonds are yellow with Spades/Clubs being purple. I really like this because it makes the cards more interesting when you're holding a hand. Not surprisingly, the card images are all stills/promo images from the movie.

The court cards in every suit are the Labyrinth (Ace), Jareth (King, naturally!), Sarah (Queen, of course), and back to Jareth (Jack). He's also on the 10 in every suit.

Another fun thing they did was use Ludo on the 4s and the Fireys on the 3s. Here you can see what I mean about having two different colors of cards.

Whoever you're favorite character might be from the movie, they're probably on at least one card in the deck. Sir Didymus? The Wiseman? The worm? They're all here.

So if you ever accidentally wish away your baby brother and need to play a game of cards to get him back, this is your deck! You can find them at Entertainment Earth.


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