Mar 8, 2019

Captain Marvel Challenge Coin & Mission Patch

Happy Captain Marvel/International Women's Day!

I don't usually pick up MCU related things from the trading card area but this grabbed my interest. I'm not a "coin collector" but I do pick up the odd coin here and there.

This is put out by a company called Bullsitoy. They make all sorts of assorted things you'd find in a big box store trading card section. Given that Captain Marvel was in the Air Force, I thought this was a cool way to go for a product instead of dog tags with character images.

Here's the back of the package showing the eight different coins and patches. The coin detail is kind of hard to see in the photo but they are all different. The front calls this a set so I'm not sure if the coins and patches are paired the same in each box but that would make getting them all a bit easier.

I have to give them major points for exceeding my expectations with the coin. I wasn't expecting it to have its own packaging. It sits inside a plastic bubble on the card. And the best thing? They made it resealable so you can take out the coin out and put it back in to your heart's content making for a nice way to display it.

They also didn't cheap out and go with a plastic coin. It's metal and has a good weight to it. On the back it's stamped with the Captain Marvel logo and tells me this is coin 3 in the series. For those in the cheap seats, the front says Higher, Further, Faster.

Some of you out there may be wondering what a Challenge Coin is. I don't know how big a role, if any, they play in the movie but I'd suggest skimming the Wiki article because they're pretty cool. The Bullsitoy site says "The Skrull invasion is here! With shapeshifting aliens in our midst, the only way to tell friend from for are Captain Marvel patches or challenge coins!"

Quarter for scale

The patch is pretty cool. It's fabric but surprise! While it looks and feels like a patch, it's a sticker. I wasn't sure what to make of the $6 price tag before I knew what was inside but I think it's worth it, especially with the display card for the coin.

I'm off to see the movie tomorrow and I'm really pulling for it to be great.

Mar 1, 2019

Monthly Movie Recap - February 2019

Hey it's the first of March and you know what that means! Yup, 6"-12" of snow forecast for tomorrow. Sounds like a good time to get in some movies.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Finished it, loved it, can' wait for more!

Bloodsucking Bastards (2015, Amazon Prime)
The trailer pretty much tells you everything you need to know. It's your typical office workplace but with vampires. If you like the trailer's sense of humor, you should enjoy the movie. It's a good time, not overly violent and there's buckets of blood.

Rating: 7/10

Murder Party (2007, Netflix)
On Halloween, a lonely schlub finds an invitation to a Murder Party but it's not he kind of party he thinks. This is one of those dark comedies where things start going horribly wrong and don't stop. I don't think it's going to be for everyone but if you're reading this blog, check it out.

Rating: 6/10

Abducted in Plain Sight (2017, Netflix)
The crime doc that's all the talk around the internet water cooler. If you were to craft a fictional story I don't know that you could come up with something as weird as this true story. I could try to explain it but you'd think I was lying. I only give documentaries a pass or fail and while I give this a pass, I can't prepare you for the story. Even Jem would be jealous at how truly outrageous it is!

Sometimes you spend way too long looking for something to watch on Netflix and out of frustration just pick anything so you can start watching something. Considering I had no clue what I was in for, this was a real treat! This is a great little horror flick. From the way the story is told to the almost claustrophobic haunted house vibe, I can't recommend this enough.

Rating: 8/10

Halloween (2018)
Full disclosure: of the Big Three cinema slashers, the Halloween series has always been my least favorite. Nightmare has Freddy, Jason has epic kills. Nothing comes to mind for me with Halloween that makes it stand out. Don't get me wrong, I liked the first two but couldn't tell you anything about any installment after 3.
My history with this series makes me the perfect audience for the most recent sequel. I don't need to remember anything beyond the original and that's why I really had a good time here. Not only do I think it's a worthy successor but it's still very much in that 80s slasher vein which makes it so much fun. There's talk of a sequel but honestly they have to do an even better job to make it worthwhile and not rob Laurie of her victory.

Rating: 8/10

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Feb 27, 2019

Treasure X - Quest for Dragons Gold

Are you prepared to embark on a quest for treasure? 
A treasure possibly dipped in real gold?
That's right, I said dipped in gold.

I've seen these on the shelves for awhile but really had no clue what they were. I had the opportunity from the Amazon Vine program to check one out so I figured why not. I've seen quite a few buried treasure type toys lately but Treasure X is the first one I've seen that has some sort of figure in it instead of just a gem, treasure, or animal bones.

The presentation of the "quest" is fun. After unwrapping the block, you have a red tinted dragon's eye lens that allows you to see which treasure on the map has the X on it.

On the left is the map. On the right is your view through the Dragon's Eye lens. According to the X, we're on the journey for the Chalice of Dragons. The treasures shown on the map are Ultra Rare and dipped in real gold. Probably not going to be unearthing one of those today!

Then it's time to start digging with included tool. It's got four different ends on it. You can use the claw end to slowly scrape away or do what I did and use the flat edge to break pieces off quicker. If you've never done one of these, I strongly suggest either putting down newspaper or placing the block in some kind of small container or box to contain the debris.

The treasure chest is on the left with assorted figure pieces on the right. Once you've freed everything, you can assemble your treasure hunter figure. I suppose you could just pop the chest open before building the figure but why not prolong the Schrodinger-ness of there being a gold dipped treasure in there? These figures are pretty cool and have quite a bit of character to them. The only downside is that the limbs may fall off and get lost. The upside to them having removable limbs is that you can swap parts between figures!

Now that you have your treasure hunter, crack that chest open and drain the slime into the included tray. Protip: hot water will "melt" the slime off your treasure.

Here is the Bling Viking known as Gold Thunder with his treasure: a tiny Viking ship. It's hard to see but his hammer has a $ imprinted on it. The whole treasure hunt idea is cool but this thing is so tiny it's pretty much inconsequential compared to the figure for me. At least he can go out on a rainy day and play It if he wants. LEGO Vampire for scale on the right.

The back of the map shows all 24 available figures as well as all the treasures. The groups of figures have different themes like snakes, barbarians, and even robots and toxic mutants!

Dragons Gold retails for $10 and is the second Treasure X series. The first series is very similar and available for $5 on Amazon. I have seen the Dragons Gold on clearance at my Target for $5 as well. They've also released a Deluxe series which has a larger Dragon figure in it.

Overall, I think this a neat idea. Could be a fun activity for the kids getting them to actually do something and then they get a cool little figure. I may end up grabbing a few more at the $5 price, the figures are definitely worth it.


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