Jul 15, 2014

ImagiNext Series 3 Monster Figures

I stumbled on the ImagiNext Series 3 blind bag figures at Target today. I still haven't seen Series 2 in my area *shrug*. I knew there were a couple monster-iffic figures in this wave and some Google-Fu on my phone lead me to fellow blogger Eric's site, Toyriffic. Thanks, Eric!

First up is a pretty traditional creature of the night.

ImagiNext Series 3 Vampire

The cape is removable but it's just so darn comfy (and suave) that he wouldn't take it off for photos. And in case you're wondering, yes, I do have a special camera that can photograph vampires. I got it from a shop called Curious Goods a few years ago...

ImagiNext Series 3 Vampire

He also comes with a bat/gargoyle looking thing that clips on his arm as if he's a falconer, but with a bat! I guess it's more interesting to cast it in red than having a piece of black plastic but it does look a little odd. While we're up close and personal here, take a look at those lapels! Tiny little skeletons, although I'm not sure how they got him to agree to the way the breast bone forms a cross.

ImagiNext Series 3 Vampire

The inside of the cape has a couple of tabs that push it out instead of having it just hang flat.

Next is another generic variation of my favorite movie monster: the Creature from the Black Lagoon! ImagiNext's is the Green Lagoon Swamp Man.

ImagiNext Series 3 Green Lagoon Swamp Man

I get Poseidon made the trident the weapon of choice for aquatic life, but I don't think he really needs one. Whether he's trying to catch dinner or ward off some pesky humans from his home, he can handle it without a weapon! Get off my kelp bed!

ImagiNext Series 3 Green Lagoon Swamp Man

He also has a breather helmet for those long sojourns out of water. They tinted it blue (to simulate being filled with water I guess) but it's a little dark and kind of obscures his face. It's hard to see in the photo but they also sculpted a few bubbles on the helmet. You can see one over his right (your left) eye. I dig the helmet and will have to check if any of the other figures have a ray gun that he can steal to make him the Creature from Black Space!

ImagiNext Series 3 Green Lagoon Swamp Man

On a side note, I also found a nice jar to hold my growing key collection. Here, it's being used as an aquarium exhibit. Check out those teeth! Again, great attention to small details.

There is also a zombie that looks suspiciously like Jason Voorhees but I'm planning on sticking with these two classic monsters for now.

Jul 13, 2014

Three is a Magic Number

Three years ago today, this blog busted on to the interwebs with its first post and things have pretty much been the same ever since. If you're reading this, thank you for stopping by! 
And if you're not reading this...please explain in detail and show your work!

Here's some "All Time" stats for the blog.

Top Searches

So, what's the take away from these stats? 
I need to blog more about Andy Gibb!

Internet, you are so weird, don't ever change.

Jul 10, 2014

Archie Comics' Sabrina is Getting a Makeover

Ok, so I'm a month behind the rest of the internet with this, but maybe you're like me and don't know everything about everything.

Hot on the rotting heels of Archie Comics' critically acclaimed alternate Riverdale zom-pocalypse Afterlife with Archie series, and just in time for October, Sabrina is getting a creepy makeover. She had a brief appearance in Afterlife hinting at darker arts but her new series will be in its own alternate reality set in the retro 60s.

Series writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also pens Afterlife promises this book will be darker than Afterlife with the scary stuff being more psychological and spiritual in nature, which is pretty exciting. He also told USA Today that Sabrina is destined to be the Archie-vere equivalent of Marvel's Dr. Strange, who is one of my favorite comic characters.

Taking Riverdale into zombie land might not have been such a stretch given how zombies have squirmed their way into pop culture in recent years. I think taking Sabrina into a darker world is a bit riskier but hopefully just as rewarding. As someone that's always been drawn to magic using characters and horror, this seems like a match made...well, somewhere.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuts in October.

Jul 8, 2014

Minifig Mania!

2014-07-08 13.09.38

I've picked up quite a few minifigures over the past month so I thought I'd share them all in one post. If you're wondering  why there's a half naked LEGO guy up there, read on!

2014-07-08 13.11.09

First are a couple of Funko Mystery Minis. I got both from a fellow Loot Crater on a Facebook group for buying/selling/trading subscription box related things. He either owns a store or is crazy obsessed with these and buys them by the box because he had a lot of them for sale and they were pretty cheap. I got them both for $12, including shipping!

Dr. Doom is probably my favorite comic book villain of all time. I don't normally collect bobblehead toys but it's not really noticeable when he's on the shelf and the oversize noggin just fits the design really well. Next to Doom is Pumpkin King Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've been wanting him for awhile but didn't want to fish for him in the blind boxes. I love the movie and have a thing for pumpkin-headed people.

2014-07-08 13.16.08

Each one of these LEGO people came to me through different trades with the folks at Miniaturetrading.com. I've made lots of trades with people using this site and highly recommend it! (If you sign up, please list me as a reference: Dex13). You can also trade other blind bag figures like Kre-O, Playmobil and Doctor Who there.

Starting on the left is a Spaceman from the very first series of LEGO blind bag minifigs. I was super happy to get hold of him as the series 1 minifigs can go for a pretty penny nowadays. There isn't anything really spectacular about him, he's like a modern update to the classic Spaceman figure from yesteryear.

You may recognize the half naked guy if you saw the LEGO Movie. It's the "Where Are My Pants?" guy! I mainly wanted him for his awesome facial expression and hair that I may one day use to make a custom minifig for a member of one of my favorite bands. The trick there is I also have to find parts for the other 2 members.

2014-07-08 13.19.15
Hey! Give me my pants!
And on the right is the Evil Mech from series 11. "Built with antimatter microcircuits etched in the heart of a black hole and programmed by the top cyber-slicer of the sinister Blacktron space raiders, the Evil Mech is a dangerous force for interplanetary crime and chaos.
A cutting-edge nano-coating lets this robotic menace slip through force fields and scanner nets undetected, allowing it to steal, spy, or sabotage as its mission commands."

He is one bad robot!

2014-07-08 13.12.10-2

Finally is a pair of lovely Playmobil ladies from series 6. I bought them in the store and somehow managed to pick out the blind bags holding the exact two figures I wanted in the series! The Sorceress is clearly inspired by Disney's Maleficient, right down to the horns on her head and green skin. She's also rockin a sweet collared cape that you can't see very well.

I generally try to limit myself to the Halloween-ish/monster/sci-fi figures in this line but I do have an affinity for things Egyptian. Plus, Cleopatra here can hang out with the Playmobil Mummy that I have on Halloween and pretend to be Anck-su-namun. Now I just need to get a male Egyptian! I was very curious about her before seeing her in person because of her earrings. I wasn't sure how they handled them, were they attached to the hair piece? 

Graphic Playmobil image below!

2014-07-08 13.15.03

They are actually a single piece of plastic connected by a short length that rests in slots that are cut into her head. Who knew? Props to the person that designed this.

Jul 3, 2014

League Post - Hake's Auction 212

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers has teamed up again with Hake's Americana & Collectibles for this week's assignment. These fictional shopping sprees are always one of my favorite topics. There are always so many interesting pop culture items to pick and choose from. Even without these assignments, I can spend way too much time just looking at everything and dreaming I have a house big enough for all these treasures!

It also doesn't hurt that Hake's will pick a random blogger to win a $100 credit with them!


Set of four Monster Cereal Rings
Expected: $200 - $400
The first thing I selected was a set of four Monster Cereal rings. The other two were Boo Berry and Fruit Brute. I had a Boo Berry one as a kid so getting a set of them would be pretty neat. The character images are actually lids that open to reveal a small compartment that you can put something very small in. Hake's says their last set sold at $275 and it looks like this auction is already gone from the time I put my list together!

Current: $138 Expected: $100 - $400
Yes, it's those Mystery Men from the movie, which was based on comic characters. I'm not the biggest fan of the franchise but I love the retro pulp look of the ring. As you can see, it was made in 1992.

Current: $300 Expected: $400 - $700
Sticking with the pulp theme, I picked out this Shadow button from 1939. It'd be pretty cool as just a regular button but it even glows in the dark!


Current: $100 Expected: $200 - $400
I am completely fascinated with the whole spookshow thing. Nothing today comes close to the sensationalism used to advertise these midnight monster movie shows. They often had live entertainment like a magician or psychic to warm up the crowd. Sometimes the movie monsters would "jump off the screen" and roam the theater!

Shogun Warriors Boxed Figures
Current: $220 Expected: $200 - $400
I had a few of these as a kid and the bigger 24" ones too. Even though these guys are only around 5" they're mostly die-cast. These bots are heavy, man! Plus, most of them came out before they passed that "no more rocket firing toys" thing so they have real firing weapons! They were featured in the syndicated Force Five cartoon I used to watch after school. There were 5 shows, a different one airing each weekday.

Star Wars Micro Collection: Bespin Freeze Chamber Boba Fett 4-up Unpainted Hardcopy Prototype
Current: $1000 (no bids!) Expected: $2000 - $5000
Saved the best for last! For those that aren't up on their action figure production, a 4-up is an initial design prototype that is four times the size of the normal figure so they can get all the detail on it. But considering that this is from the Micro Collection series, which were mini-playsets, the prototype itself is only 5.5" tall. I've always wanted to have some kind of Kenner prototype in my collection and I'm one of those Boba Fett fanboys, so this would be an amazing piece.

Here's what other League members have their eyes on
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Head over to Cool and Collected to see all the participating blogs.


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