Feb 17, 2017

Holy Easter Eggs, Batman!

We went to see the LEGO Batman Movie this weekend and in keeping with spirit of its predecessor, everything was awesome! I'm not going to go too much into it but there are spoilers ahead.

The movie is incredibly packed with references to Bat-history. Now, I don't consider myself a hardcore fan by any stretch but I think I did pretty good at catching a lot of them. There are plenty of YouTube videos out there if you want a full run down but I wanted to mention a couple of things that stood out to me.

We get to see pretty much every Batsuit you could imagine, but what's this?

That's not a Santa Batsuit, it's a KRAMPUS Bat! It looks more Santa than Krampus but given Batman's rep, I guess it makes more sense to be something to be feared. I'm just happy to see Krampus getting more mainstream.

One of the most fun things is that this Batman has experienced everything you've ever seen Batman in: comics, cartoons, movies, TV, all of it. While Batman '66 may not have had villains on par with what we're used to today, I enjoyed seeing cameos by the likes of King Tut, who got his own minifig.

But there was one cameo in particular that made this grown man squee with delight...

Egghead, who was portrayed by none other than Vincent Price!

He didn't have any lines, which is probably for the best. So now, I 'm totally justified in demanding an Egghead minifig, right? Oh, and while you're at it, LEGO, Gentleman Ghost please!

Nothing from Bat-history is too obscure.
Even the Wonder Twins and Gleek show up at a Justice League party!

At first, I thought that was Krypto dropping the beats but why does he have a green cape? I forget which character but someone calls out that it's Wonder Dog. Yet I didn't see Marvin and Wendy anywhere. What up with that?

I guess that's one mystery they wont' solve.

You might be carrying around another Bat Easter Egg! In the movie, the Batcomputer is played by Siri and he addresses her by saying "Hey, 'puter." So if you have an iDevice, you might want to give that a try.

Feb 9, 2017

How I Nearly Got Cyber Swindled

A few weeks ago, an ad came up on my Facebook feed for "The Hunt For The Force Mystery Box" from Sports Collectors Warehouse (hereafter SCW).

What Star Wars fan wouldn't at least follow the link to see what it was all about? With the success of Loot Crate and other blind subscription boxes, online retailers have been selling blind boxes of collectibles so I presumed this was another one of those.

Here is basically what I found. I kind of Frankenstien'd a couple of screen grabs from the page but I have not changed anything. If you want to view the actual page, click here.

Maybe some "if it sounds too good to be true" alarms should have been going off but, again, I've been seeing legit sites sell mystery boxes. While I wasn't expecting to be a lucky person getting anything vintage or especially rare, I thought I would at least get a box of assorted Star Wars goodies that was equal in value to the cost.

After about a week, I get a shipping notice and being very eager to get my mystery goodies, sign up to get tracking updates every step of the way.  I actually do this pretty frequently when getting things delivered. I like the anticipation of seeing where the package is. 

Fast forward to the day it gets delivered. I get the tracking update while I'm at work and oh boy, I can't wait to get home!

I opened the box and pulled out a black ziploc bag. What could it be?

"Are you f'n kidding me?" (almost my exact words)
Two items with a current retail value of under $10?!?
One of which wasn't even in a sealed package!


After calming down a bit, I went to the interwebs and googled the company name. Imagine my surprise when I found a Facebook group called Sport Collectors Warehouse Scam Victims. Looking through the posts, I saw several others posting photos of their lackluster box contents.

Some had toys similar to what I got. Some got a single comic book, and not even a Star Wars one,  I'm talking Daredevil and Alpha Flight! Others got loose figures that were in plastic bags with another store's card attached to them! Nothing I saw, outside of the comics, was older than 1999. Several of the group members had already tried to contact the store by email and phone. Many had already called their credit card companies to report fraud and/or request a new credit card.

Someone joined the group to show off a 1978 original, boxed 12" Vader figure he supposedly received. Some of the group members checked his FB profile and found he might be somehow related to the store that sold the boxes. He got booted.

Within another 24 hours, a message was posted on the SCW website.

I shot off an email quicker than Han in a quick draw contest, as did everyone else in the group. Inside of a few hours, we got email refund notifications. Over the weekend, people started seeing the funds go back into their accounts (including shipping!) and they told us to keep the junk they sent us.

While nicely worded, their final message certainly feels like so much smoke and mirrors damage control to appease the collectors and fans they mistakenly angered. The creator of the FB group changed the name to SCW Unhappy Collectors. Now we have a small Star Wars collector group that shared this nasty experience. We've been sharing photos of our collections and doing things that geeks do, so I guess something good came from all this.

Feb 6, 2017

Glorp Valentines

Brad McGinty is at it again with some ghoulishly good Valentine cards!

You can get a pack of all 4 for just $5! Or if you happen to have more than four special people in your life, you can get 3 for $11, 6 for $20, or even 12 packs (48 cards) for $36.

Looking for a spooky way to tell somebody you wanna "do" em? Well, look no further! These 4 morbidly monstrous GLORP valentines have been specially hand crafted by the GLORP gum crew to terrify and tantalize!

Each pack contains all 4 GLORP valentines and 1 lil' red envelope!

McGinty's art has that perfect blend of wild and crazy with a dash of retro. Even the backs of the cards are pretty cool.

Act now if you want to get them in time for the big day!

You can get them from the Glorp site, which also got a recent makeover. There's plenty of other weird stuff to check out, so what are you waiting for?


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