Jan 4, 2018

A Unique Christmas Gift

First off, a proper Happy New Year to everyone!

Every year, I usually do a Holiday Haul post showing off the gifts I received. This year, I wanted to focus on one particular present. Not that I didn't get a lot of other great stuff but this one is truly unique and completely unexpected. It brought back a little of that childhood Christmas magic.

Meet "Little Eddy."

He stands (sits?) just under 6" tall. He was created by Bre's Bits N Pieces as a commission. She makes all sorts of whimsical creatures. Bre says he is an impling. He has a bit of a Brian Froud design look to him like he could be hanging out in Labyrinth somewhere. I kinda felt like Billy seeing Gizmo for the first time when I pulled him out of the box.

Here you can see a bit better, he is actually wearing a black hood. All the better to keep hidden when being mischievous! I think the shape of his nose and the facial markings make his face look like a pumpkin, which is totally appropriate! The only suggestions given for his creation was that I like Halloween and Jack Skellington. Which also explains his orange and black striped vest.

And this is what makes him a unique gift.
He was hand-made which makes him truly one of a kind!

Bre makes some really amazing things. In addition to commission work, she also frequently puts other creations up for adoption through her Facebook page and Etsy store. Even if you're not looking to buy, her stuff is fun to see. If you do end up adopting from her, tell her Little Eddy sent ya!


  1. Really cool gift, good Sir ! and a Happy New Year to you and yours...

    1. Thank you and a Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Wow that is really cool!The detail is amazing a ton of love went into making Eddy.

  3. How cool! I like Little Eddy's eyes. He looks very much alive. What a neat idea for her to take some interests/themes and make a creature to match. An "impling" that's cute. Where is Little Eddy now? I'm imagining him sitting on a book shelf near some Halloween books.



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