Jun 5, 2017

Mail Order Monday - Zorcom (1983)

A very special Mail Order Monday today, 3 for the price of 1!

This trio of ads from 1983-1984 deal with the Zorcom universe. What is Zorcom you ask? I have no idea other than sci-fi mail order stuff in comics for kids to blow their paper route money on and probably be thrown out by their parents.

Blast off in the Zorcom Spaceship!

For just $12.95 (plus $3 S&H) you could get your very own spaceship made of cardboard! That doesn't seem very safe. I mean, it doesn't even have a hatch on it. That kid will never make it out of atmosphere.

Okay, so it's more of a play area. And the interior has all sorts of outer space-y images that you can color. You can see some pics of the actual ship, and the inside, over here. If you look in the bottom right of the order form, you'll see you also get a free poster!

Now that answers the question of who or what Zorcom is! He is The Defender! Honestly, if these are what the posters really looked like, they don't seem very exciting. On the other hand, you'd get one free with the spaceship, or BOTH if you order the Zorcom Adventure Cassette, which is what this ad is actually for.

Zorcom looks like some kind of, I don't know...space knight? You've got to admire anyone that carries a sword and shield in a sci-fi universe where beam weapons exist. His enemy, Tanjar the Dread, looks like a space orc or maybe some type of lizard person? Why do lizard people in sci-fi always have to be the bad guys?

Anyway, on to the Zorcom Space Cruise Sound Trek!

Here's the copy from the bottom of the ad to entice you...

Join ZORCOM on a journey thorugh time and space to the Forgotten Zone. Hear the attack of the dread Hakka beasts... listen to laser control beams as ZORCOM maneuvers inside the Cavers of Invisible Doom... brace for the surge of power that rockets YOUR SPACESHIP... feel the chill of the AUDIO ADVENTURE SERIES... One step beyond the thrills of the comic book/The next frontier in fantasy adventure... watch for Vol 2.

As far as I'm able to find out, there never was a Volume 2.
From this ad, you can order the Audio Cassette, a spaceship, a t-shirt of "The Beast", or the Adventure Package for all 3 items and a free poster of Zorcom's "Fight Against Evil".

Thanks to the awesomeness of the internet, you can journey back to the 80s and experience Zorcom's adventures!

Seriously, check this out. I would bet you've never heard anything like it...
or at least I hope you haven't!


  1. We remember the ad from the top... but the rest of these are unknown to us... thank you for sharing these with viewers, Good Sir Dex... A great start of Summer to you and yours... and Hello from Marshville...

    1. I remember seeing that ship one too but never saw the others until I did some online digging to try and find more info about the cassette.

  2. Dude! These are freaking awesome!

    1. I know. I kind of want a Zorcom action figure now.

  3. I need a Zorcom Space Station! Makes for a nice nap room.



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