Aug 28, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy - Rocket Raccoon Animated Figure

So I was wandering through Toys R Us this weekend expecting the same ol' same ol' when what to my wondering eyes should appear? A set of Guardians of the Galaxy figures based on the animated series!

It was hard to keep myself from grabbing them all up because I wasn't expecting more Guardians toys until next year. But I had to pick up Rocket!

For now, the figure line up just includes the Milano crew. Yes, even Gamora (although her outfit is not great).  But you gotta have bad guys to fight, right? I'd love to get a Nebula and Yondu in this line. Maybe even a Collector and definitely a Cosmo because he pops up in the show pretty frequently.

Rocket stands around 3.75" and potted Groot is about 1.75". Being from a cartoon series, these are aimed at a younger audience but that's not saying I don't like them. I have a hard time justifying paying $13 for the current Marvel 3.75" line. These are $8 (at TRU anyway), not super articulated but are good for what they are. I love the ferocious face on this Rocket.

He's got articulation in his neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and ball socket tail. The tail articulation is nice because he needs some extra stability with his BFG, but it can pop out if you move it too much.

What's not nice about the tail is actually looking at it. I mean, I guess it's the best place they could put all this text? The paint apps are good for the most part. I didn't really notice any problems (like the white on the left side of his head) until I started photographing him. Again, it's a line aimed at kids who probably won't notice or care.

Here's a close up of lil Groot. I'm going to have to find a really fine tipped Sharpie and fill in his eyes and mouth and maybe the soil to make him stand out a little more.

Lastly, here's animated Rocket next to his Marvel Legends counterpart. I've never liked the head they used on the Legends figure, it's way too passive for Rocket! Their guns are almost identical to the point where I had to look them over to see if Hasbro was reusing the mold but it's got a few subtle differences.

As I was getting ready to wrap this up, it occurred to me that I didn't get a shot of Rocket without his gun so you can see his outfit. Not a lot of detail paint-wise but there is some good sculpting and it matches pretty well with what he wears in the cartoon.

Aiiiir guitaaaaar!!

You can see pics of the whole wave over at Marvel Toy News.


  1. These are very cool. I was definitely tempted to grab them all, too (particularly due to the fact that they're less than $10 each) but I held off. I'm really enjoying Marvel Legends right now and I'm pretty happy with last year's comic inspired pack. Also, as you stated, we'll get more Guardians stuff next year. These are neat but it's a scale I just don't collect. Had they released Nebula and Yondu, though, I'd be powerless!

  2. When it comes to certain things (especially things they don't make a lot of) I don't care about scale. I used to stick more to 3.75" but considering the 6" figures are now only like $6 or $7 more, I'm more into 6".

    They really missed the toy boat with the Guardians movie, I mean they probably didn't know how big it was going to be but they could have gone crazy with toys and they would have sold. Was not a fan of the cheap 2" figures they did. Hopefully they'll correct it next year :D

  3. Wanted to buy theses so bad- very cool!



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