Mar 16, 2016

Cleaner from the Black Lagoon

Before we get rolling, I want to thank the people that participated in the Tron Run/r giveaway.
All three of them.
The post got close to 200 views and only 3 people signed up.

The winner, Samuel, is from a far off land that is 11 hours ahead of me!
I hope he enjoys his time on the Grid.
Now back to your regularly scheduled post...

No, that's not a typo in the title!

My pal Morbius Kromwell sent me a link to this too cool Creature from the Black Lagoon soap. So of course I wasted no time hoping on over and ordering it!

He "stands" about 4" tall and is a great addition to my small Creature collection. And when I say small collection, I mean that the collection itself contains few items and most of those items are not large.

It's one of the few things I have that not a lot of people would have and I like collectibles like that. Although I do have to wonder just how long decorative soap will last sealed in plastic.

The seller has a shop on Etsy called Sick Soaps and if you're a pop culture fan, you should definitely swing by and check out her stuff!

There's Haunted Mansion soaps...

Star Wars soaps...

horror soaps...

and more including Doctor Who and some Halloween appropriate coffins, skulls, and ouija boards. They're all really cool and would make good gifts for those hard to shop for people.

Click the banner to check out Sick Soaps!

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