Jul 8, 2014

Minifig Mania!

2014-07-08 13.09.38

I've picked up quite a few minifigures over the past month so I thought I'd share them all in one post. If you're wondering  why there's a half naked LEGO guy up there, read on!

2014-07-08 13.11.09

First are a couple of Funko Mystery Minis. I got both from a fellow Loot Crater on a Facebook group for buying/selling/trading subscription box related things. He either owns a store or is crazy obsessed with these and buys them by the box because he had a lot of them for sale and they were pretty cheap. I got them both for $12, including shipping!

Dr. Doom is probably my favorite comic book villain of all time. I don't normally collect bobblehead toys but it's not really noticeable when he's on the shelf and the oversize noggin just fits the design really well. Next to Doom is Pumpkin King Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've been wanting him for awhile but didn't want to fish for him in the blind boxes. I love the movie and have a thing for pumpkin-headed people.

2014-07-08 13.16.08

Each one of these LEGO people came to me through different trades with the folks at Miniaturetrading.com. I've made lots of trades with people using this site and highly recommend it! (If you sign up, please list me as a reference: Dex13). You can also trade other blind bag figures like Kre-O, Playmobil and Doctor Who there.

Starting on the left is a Spaceman from the very first series of LEGO blind bag minifigs. I was super happy to get hold of him as the series 1 minifigs can go for a pretty penny nowadays. There isn't anything really spectacular about him, he's like a modern update to the classic Spaceman figure from yesteryear.

You may recognize the half naked guy if you saw the LEGO Movie. It's the "Where Are My Pants?" guy! I mainly wanted him for his awesome facial expression and hair that I may one day use to make a custom minifig for a member of one of my favorite bands. The trick there is I also have to find parts for the other 2 members.

2014-07-08 13.19.15
Hey! Give me my pants!
And on the right is the Evil Mech from series 11. "Built with antimatter microcircuits etched in the heart of a black hole and programmed by the top cyber-slicer of the sinister Blacktron space raiders, the Evil Mech is a dangerous force for interplanetary crime and chaos.
A cutting-edge nano-coating lets this robotic menace slip through force fields and scanner nets undetected, allowing it to steal, spy, or sabotage as its mission commands."

He is one bad robot!

2014-07-08 13.12.10-2

Finally is a pair of lovely Playmobil ladies from series 6. I bought them in the store and somehow managed to pick out the blind bags holding the exact two figures I wanted in the series! The Sorceress is clearly inspired by Disney's Maleficient, right down to the horns on her head and green skin. She's also rockin a sweet collared cape that you can't see very well.

I generally try to limit myself to the Halloween-ish/monster/sci-fi figures in this line but I do have an affinity for things Egyptian. Plus, Cleopatra here can hang out with the Playmobil Mummy that I have on Halloween and pretend to be Anck-su-namun. Now I just need to get a male Egyptian! I was very curious about her before seeing her in person because of her earrings. I wasn't sure how they handled them, were they attached to the hair piece? 

Graphic Playmobil image below!

2014-07-08 13.15.03

They are actually a single piece of plastic connected by a short length that rests in slots that are cut into her head. Who knew? Props to the person that designed this.


  1. Awesome Mini-Ness! I like that Pumpkin King Jack figure.

    1. He's got a great expression on his face and his posing adds great character.

  2. I love Pumpkin King Jack! He's great. Cleopatra is my second favorite. Quite the "Graphic Playmobil image" of her. :) I have a feeling that a lot of Halloween loving people are also into ancient Egypt. There's so much mysterious imagery like the pyramids and their afterlife rituals. I know I'm interested!

    1. I think you're right! Although I have a taste for things Egyptian, I've never really delved into the ancient culture or mythology. I prefer to keep my own idea of what it might have been like as opposed to the real thing :)