Jul 10, 2014

Archie Comics' Sabrina is Getting a Makeover

Ok, so I'm a month behind the rest of the internet with this, but maybe you're like me and don't know everything about everything.

Hot on the rotting heels of Archie Comics' critically acclaimed alternate Riverdale zom-pocalypse Afterlife with Archie series, and just in time for October, Sabrina is getting a creepy makeover. She had a brief appearance in Afterlife hinting at darker arts but her new series will be in its own alternate reality set in the retro 60s.

Series writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also pens Afterlife promises this book will be darker than Afterlife with the scary stuff being more psychological and spiritual in nature, which is pretty exciting. He also told USA Today that Sabrina is destined to be the Archie-vere equivalent of Marvel's Dr. Strange, who is one of my favorite comic characters.

Taking Riverdale into zombie land might not have been such a stretch given how zombies have squirmed their way into pop culture in recent years. I think taking Sabrina into a darker world is a bit riskier but hopefully just as rewarding. As someone that's always been drawn to magic using characters and horror, this seems like a match made...well, somewhere.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina debuts in October.


  1. Really? This sounds very interesting to me i might have give these a read i wonder will they be in digital format too?

    1. They should be, I know Afterlife is digital.

  2. I need to give the Afterlife with Archie a read. I've heard good things about Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's writing, so I might have to give his Sabrina series a read too.

    1. The best thing about it is that it's off on a different reality so they can do pretty much anything to shake up what you expect in Riverdale and no one is safe.



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