Apr 19, 2018

LEGO 21314 - Tron Legacy

When I started seeing pics of a Tron Legacy LEGO set a couple weeks ago, I just presumed it was another great looking fan creation. Thanks to LEGO Ideas and 10,000 other awesome people, the set is now a reality!

Here's a Making Of video for the set.

The set comes with two lightcycles, three minifigs, and a cool piece of the grid.

Here are our minifigs: Quorra, Rinzler, and Sam Flynn.

Quorra and Sam both have two facial expressions you can choose to display, one happy and one a little more serious. Rinzler has a neutral human face under his helmet which gives you another option for Sam. They did an outstanding job on capturing the costume details.

They also did something pretty neat for the identity discs.

They come with clear plastic 'backpacks" that the discs attach to so they can actually wear them on their backs. Quorra also has a katana accessory.

Here she is next to the blue lightcycle with her serious/grumpy face.

The lightcycles builds are exactly the same, just with different coloring. As they mentioned in the video, the wheels do actually move on them which is a great feature for play.

Each lightcycle has a translucent light trail piece that clips to the back of it as well! All in all, I'm thrilled with this set. The only thing I think it's missing is a Kevin Flynn minifig but I bet I can customize one fairly easy, maybe from some Ninjago minifigs. I know they have robes and beards. Now if they could just get me a classic Tron LEGO set!

Apr 17, 2018

Rick Astley in Concert

I went to see Mr. Astley this past Sunday night at the House of Blues in Boston. I saw him last February when Mrs Dex needed someone to go to the show with her. Even though I didn't know most of the songs, I liked them and enjoyed the show because Rick puts on a great show. It's not a huge production, but he's got such a great stage presence you can't help but have a good time.

When he came back around, I was looking forward to going. We got there early and were much closer to the stage for this show.

Of course, he did the hits, some new songs, and some older ones. 
He even covered Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You."

Last year's show was the final one of that tour and things got a bit crazy when they went into an insane cover song medley. He mentioned that because they were just getting this tour started, he was going to reign it in and stick to the set list. He, and the band, did a shot to toast that show.

And they closed the show out with Rick playing drums and covering AC/DC's "Highway to Hell!"

What? You didn't think you were going to read a Rick Astley post and not get Rickrolled?
But seriously, they did close out with "Highway to Hell."

If you haven't check out anything from his latest album, I highly recommend "This Old House."

Apr 9, 2018

Return to Fireball Island

While everyone was watching Wrestlemania last night, I took a quick vacation back to a place I used to go when I was younger. A place a haven't been to in at least 20 years.
A place called Fireball Island!

Only this wasn't the Fireball Island I remembered from my youth. Like any place you haven't seen in awhile, it's changed, but definitely for the better!

 Restoration Games is bringing back Fireball Island and is totally crushing their Kickstarter campaign which just shows the love that is out there for this classic Milton Bradley game.

Thanks to Flip Florey's Super Saturday Board Game Serial podcast I found out about the Kickstarter a few days before it launched. It had somehow flown under my radar prior to that and now that it's launched I've seen plenty of my fellow geeky bloggers talking about it.
And rightfully so!

The Kickstarter page has a list of tour dates where they will be demo'ing the game around North America. Since PAX East was this weekend, the first non-con stop on the tour was right in my backyard at The Castle, a boardgame cafe.

I got to meet JR Honeycutt, the Restoration Games member who has the job of driving around for the next few weeks bringing the only-one-in-existence prototype to the masses.

I wasn't able to get a good shot from the "front" of the game but you can get an idea of the size here. The original Fireball Island board is up at the top. The new version is much more dynamic, using three connecting trays to make up the board and give it more height. JR assured us that the finished product will have a matte finish and not be handpainted. I still think it looks pretty great!

The game has a lot more going on than the original version. There's trees that can be moved to block marbles, treasure to be collected, and scenic vista spots on each of the three island sections that you have to visit to snap a memorable photo for big points. And yes, the Heart of Vul-Kar is still there for anyone brave enough to grab it!

Because it just wouldn't be Fireball Island without Vul-Kar!

I had a ton of fun checking out the new Fireball Island. I really enjoyed all the new stuff that's been packed into it while keeping the basic play the same as the game I remember. If you're not familiar with the original game, you may be stuck experiencing it through YouTube videos as it's quite the pricey game to get your hands on now.

If you want to pick up the new version, along with any of the expansions (that's right, expansions!), head over the to the Kickstarter page. They're already five times over their goal!

Apr 2, 2018

Monthly Movie Recap - March 2018

I can't believe we are just a few weeks away from Avengers: Infinity War and kicking off what looks to be a great summer for movies. What are you looking forward to?
Let me know in the comments.

*Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001, Netflix)
As video game movies go this is pretty good, but that's not a high bar to leap. It's a decent enough action movie but it feels so much a product of its time from the soundtrack to the Matrix-y stunt fighting. I have to say though, Jolie pretty much is Lara Croft.

Play Again? I rewatched this because I hadn't seen it since it came out and was thinking about finally seeing the sequel. Watching the trailer for Cradle of Life totally changed my mind.

Rating: 6/10

Veronica (2017, Netflix)
I'm really starting to get an appreciation for foreign horror flicks, even ones you have to read. Mainly because they don't reuse the same tropes you encounter in US horror every day which makes for a very fun ride as you can't really predict where things will go. I was expecting just another Ouija movie but this one surpasses the standard giving great character moments with the lead.

Over Hyped? I've seen some rumors that it's so scary people can't finish watching it. I really like the movie but I don't think it's that scary but it's probably on the level of "turn on all the lights on your way through the house" after watching it.

Rating: 8/10

Happy Death Day (2017, Redbox)
I had a lot of fun with this one. I've seen it described as Scream meets Groundhog Day and that's a pretty good way to sum it up. The theory of who the killer is starts to get odd as it plays out and the final showdown goes a little over the top but this is a horror movie stuck in a time loop so I think it's allowed to get a bit crazy.

One More Time! There's talk of a possible sequel that could explore why the time loop happened. I'd be interested to see how they could blend the horror and sci-fi together.

Rating: 8/10

Creep (2015, Netflix)
Definitely an odd ball horror flick. I knew nothing about it going in and I think that's the best way to experience it. It doesn't really get rolling until the final 30 minutes but once it gets going, it's full speed ahead!

Rating: 7/10

Creep 2 (2017, Netflix)
Seeing this one actually improved how I felt about the first one and gave me more of an appreciation for the main actor's (Mark Duplass) performance in both. Because both are essentially two person plays, his crazy has to be on point to draw you in to what's going on and make you worry for the camera operator.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ready Player One (2018, IMAX 3D)
If you loved the book and are expecting them to cram exactly all that into a two hour movie, you're going to be disappointed. But if you don't mind them changing just about everything and keeping the spirit of the story, you'll be okay. If you haven't read the book but like video games and 80s pop culture, go see it then read the book. Either way, see it on the biggest screen possible!

Pop Goes the Culture: I can only hope we'll get a Pop-Up Video style DVD commentary that will point out everything. As much as I did notice, I know there were things I missed.

Rating: 8/10
Month Total
New: 5  Rewatch: 1

Year Total
New: 15   Rewatch: 3

Mar 22, 2018

Comic Review - Vampironica

The Archie Horror imprint has slowly been making its way through the popular monsters. Afterlife with Archie started it all off five years ago with zombies taking over Riverdale (I even wrote about it!), then came a wicked twist on Sabrina followed by Jughead going full werewolf. Last week brought the newest member: Vampironica.

There are story spoilers ahead but I don't think it would ruin anything for you. This first issue isn't exactly packed with plot twists.

The book opens with some vamps crashing a party being thrown by Cheryl Blossom (how dare they!). Hot on their heels is vampire Veronica Lodge who has the fashion of Buffy Summers and the vamp-ness of Marvel's Blade. Undead butt kicking ensues.

After the bad-assery, we flash back three days for some Riverdale teen drama which results in a scorned Veronica making Reggie take her out. As Veronica is leaving the house that night for her date, she finds her parents on the floor, victims of a vamp attack. The vamp attacks her and she manages to fight him off, but not before he's able to bite her.

She hops in a car and starts speeding away only to see the vamp in front of her. She floors it and over the car he goes! She glances back at her victory only to collide head-on (apply directly to the forehead!) with Reggie! After the crash, she goes to check on Reggie only to have the first symptoms of her new condition manifest itself.

She keeps her appetite in check and stumbles off into the woods where she notices her wounds from the accident are healing themselves. Back at the wreck, Reggie starts to come to as the vampire approaches.

And that's it. As a first issue, I was a tiny bit underwhelmed. I get it's an origin issue and things need to be setup but it just wasn't "there" for me. With Archie Horror's previous track record I have no doubt it will get more interesting as it goes on and we learn more about Mr Vampire Man.

 Also, a lot of the fun of these horror books is seeing familiar characters in new, unreal situations so I'm really looking forward to see how Veronica comes to terms with being a vampire. You don't have to know the regular Archie-verse to read this but it will definitely help if you're somewhat familiar with the characters.

The artwork is on point. It's appropriately dark, bloody, and creepy where it needs to be. There are some alternate covers out there including my favorite one by Francesco Francavilla, who does the art for Afterlife with Archie. I dig this one because it reminds me of Vampirella.

Vampironica #1 gets 3.5 out of 5 wooden stakes

If you want your Archie on the go, grab the Archie Comics app for Android and iOS.

Mar 14, 2018

Vincent Price in the House!

Over the past few months, Ebay user 3dogreiner has been putting up auctions from the Vincent Price estate. There have been quite the variety of items from personal and professional photos to random bits of paper with drawing and/or notes made by Price. There was even a handwritten letter from Christopher Lee to Price which sold for $400!

Every time a new batch of auctions went up, I would find a few interesting items with his signature or handwriting on them to watch. Most of them were autographed photos and they usually ended up going for over $100.

Persistence paid off and I was able to finally acquire a piece of Vincent Price!
So to speak...

It comes with a letter certifying that this is a piece from Price's family estate which is signed by his daughter, Victoria Price. I've met her on two different occasions (read about them here and here) and she is a wonderful person and an amazing speaker.

What I ended up with is a signed Christmas card. It's not an autographed photo and isn't horror related but I am totally fine with that. People that know Price know he was quite the renaissance man who was also into cooking and art collecting among other thing.

I think this is a pretty cool piece of memorabilia that shows a different side of Price.

Here's a close up of the card. It's worth clicking on for a better look at the little statues on the left side of the staircase.

It says Merry Christmas from The Prices
Mary  Vincent  Barrett 

Mary is Mary Grant, Price's second wife, and Barrett is his son, Vincent Barrett, from his first marriage to Edith Barrett.

I'm definitely going to keep scouting any new auctions to see what else turns up. Even if I don't get anything else, I am beyond thrilled to finally have a Vincent Price autograph!

Mar 7, 2018

Battle Tribes Action Figures

For quite awhile I'd been seeing posts on Instagram of the Battle Tribes figures by Spy Monkey Creations. Usually by the time I saw the post, it was long after a new wave dropped and I missed out. Then, I finally decided to get my act together and tune in and they may be a new minor obsession of mine.

One of the reasons I love these figures is they take me back to the 80s. They combine the best of Battle Beasts, action figures, and have swapable parts. Plus, they're fantasy themed so that doesn't hurt either!The figures are 3" tall and are are fully compatible with other Glyos figures like the sci-fi themed ones from Onell Design.

Here is the Bone Shadow Demon from two waves ago.

In this set is: a body, cape, two weapons, wings, six heads, and two pairs of feet (booted and taloned). This give you a crazy amount of options for displaying your figure! One of the great things about this line is that they frequently release a figure that very closely resembles another figure or character.

For example, you can make the Remco Skullman.

Bat Guy!
This is one of my favorite setups.

Or you can go full on horned demon lord with battle axe.

The real reason I decided to post about these figures (not that I need a reason, I mean, they are pretty great) is the DX Primitive Adventurer. I about lost my mind when I saw it go up for order and you'll see why shortly.

The figures seem to lean toward one of two general types: monster or humanoid. Monsters get the wicked wings and taloned feet while humanoids get a few more weapon choices and a different head mix. Here, we've got a body, six heads, three weapons, a shield, and a fashionable battle vest.

The triceratops head is cool but looks a little weird to me in a human flesh tone.

This one is a little dark on purpose but makes it hard to see the head. It's sort of like a wolf head mask with green eyes. He could almost pass for a primitive Batman.

But this...this right here is what made this a must buy when I saw it.


You make a figure that resembles one of my all time favorite Saturday morning shows and I am there! I'm just hoping they'll get around to making Ariel and Ookla. I think it'd be great if they introduced a female figure to the line for more variety.

If you want to check out more Battle Tribes, head over to Spy Monkey's shop where these two figures are still available. And be sure to tune into their Savage Realm of the Battle Tribes FB group to stay up to date on release news.

Mar 1, 2018

Monthly Movie Recap - February 2018

I never feel like I get enough movies in for February because it's so short. Did you catch anything cool this month? Let me know in the comments!

Galaxina (1980, Amazon)
This movie should have been a lot more fun. It's (sort of) a comedy that pokes fun at 70s sci-fi and stars Playmate Dorothy Stratten. Unfortunately, they ran into some shooting problems and couldn't film all the scenes they wanted. Because of this, there's a bit to slog through to get to the entertaining bits.

The Final Fun-tier: The best part for me is when they chase the bad guy to a Western planet and you get a Star Wars cantina thing but in an Old West saloon. There's a cameo of something that looks suspiciously like the '66 Batmobile. Might be the only movie to use the term "space honky."

Rating: 4/10, the hard to watch parts are strong with this one

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018, Netflix)
Great effects but I think I would have been a little let down if I saw it in a theater. I think it's a good addition to the Cloverfield mythos but really probably could have been trimmed down to an hour or less to get the story across.

Deaj Vu? If you even sort of like this and have yet to see Event Horizon, do yourself a favor and track it down.

Rating: 5/10

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009, Amazon)
I cannot believe this didn't get any Razzie nominations. The action is decent but some of the wire-fu is not. You know how in good movies wire-fu can look cool even though it's crazy? This does not have that. Chris Klein turns in the best Worst Keanu impression ever.

Insert Coin to Continue? Hell. No. Watch the original Street Fighter, watch a Street Fighter anime or play one of the games. Anything has to be better.

Rating: 2/10

Black Panther (2018)
It blew me away and disappointed me a little at the same time. The mix of African culture, sci-fi tech, and mysticism is an amazing blend that makes for something really unique in the MCU. I think the CGI-ness of the suits made the final fight more like a game cut scene and I just wanted to get back to the above ground battle. But props to Killmonger for being a well written (and acted!) villain.

T'Challa's Angels: In a movie titled Black Panther I should be seriously invested in the title character but I was really more into Okoye, the Dora Milaje, and Shuri. When they're doing their thing, they are owning the screen!

Rating: 8/10

Month Total
New: 4  Rewatch: 0
Year Total
New: 10   Rewatch: 2

Feb 21, 2018

Now Hear This - The Pipettes

Have you ever gone through your music collection and stopped to think "When or how did I first discover this band?" I do it pretty frequently and usually can't remember. The Pipettes are no exception.

Click to listen or buy on Amazon
The Pipettes were a British female-fronted pop group that started out in 2003. While the girls are always front and center with their polka dot dresses, the are backed by an all male band called The Cassettes. Their sound takes the best of bubblegum pop and combines it with the doo wop of the 50s/60s. The result is some insanely catchy, upbeat music.

Now normally, my taste tends toward rock, metal, and punk but I do love the music of the 50s/60s and consider bubblegum pop a guilty pleasure so this is like a peanut butter cup of musical styles for me.

Their debut album, We Are The Pipettes, hit 41 on the UK charts and gave them their biggest hit  "Pull Shapes" which topped out at 26. As part of their US record deal, the album was completely remixed, given two additional songs and a new cover inspired by Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (above). In the US, the album hit 18 on the Top Heat Seekers chart, which I had no idea was even a thing.

You can check out the whole album below. My personal faves here are Dirty Mind and
Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me.

Along with various singles and a pair of EPs, they also released another album in 2010, Earth vs The Pipettes. The sophomore effort fizzled and sadly the girls disbanded shortly after its release. But that's no reason to not check them out so go ahead and spin a couple tunes and see what you think.

You can find both their albums on Amazon.

Feb 15, 2018

Space Invaders Playing Cards

What's that sound? (It's not Jaws) Jump in your tank and get ready to defend the Earth because the Space Invaders are coming to play...cards.

This deck of cards was released in 2013 by a company called Kikkerland. They come in a plastic snap case that is mostly clear with Invader game graphics which look nice on the case but make it difficult to take a good photo with the cards in it.

The cars all feature pixel art. I really like the card back design with the green Invaders. Both Jokers have the same design. If I put this together, the Jokers would have been the flying saucer and the tank, both of which are absent from the deck.

You might have noticed the cards look a little odd. That's because they're plastic and have lots of tiny holes. Being plastic, they're waterproof but if you've ever tried to play with wet "waterproof" cards before, you know they end up sticking together.

The face cards have the same graphics in every suit. Being Space Invaders, there's not a lot of characters to choose from so I can't fault them for being identical. The colors are inverted from the numeric cards, with the suit color being the background and the characters being white. Maybe they wanted to stick to the game colors for the Invaders and not make them black and red?

Here's a close up of the cards. All the tiny holes make the cards somewhat see through. But don't worry about anyone cheating when you play with these.

If you look through the face, you can see the back design. But if you look through the back, you can't see the face. I'm sure there's a simple way they did this but I think it's pretty cool.

The next time you're hanging out on a moon base and need to pass some time on your shift protecting the Earth, you should probably be watching the radar. But if you're really bored you can break out these Space Invader cards for some solitaire that won't destroy life as we know it if you lose.

Feb 7, 2018

The Garbage Pail Kids Hate the 80s!

The Garbage Pail Kids from Topps are back again and this time they're taking on the decade that made them, the 80s! I loved Wacky Packages as a kid and got into the first round of GPK as is evidenced by the inside of my high school notebook.

The base series is 180 cards made up of 90 different characters, each with two different names. There are 10 subsets tackling all aspects of the 80s. If you want to spoil yourself, you can grab the checklist from Topps. Granted it's only card names with no pictures but you can probably figure most of them out.

Here we have cartoons, celebrities, and culture. The Masked Matt card has a mucus green border because it's a parallel or variant. You get one in each pack. There are also fool's gold variants that are 1:48 packs. These are individually numbered as there are only 50 gold variants for each card.

Then we have history, fashions & fads, movies, and sitcom. The sitcom cards all feature characters from The Goldbergs TV show. There are randomly inserted autograph cards (1:1926 packs!) signed by the one of the show's cast.

Rounding out the base set are toys, TV shows & ads, and video games.

The cards are available at retail big box stores like Target and come in single packs ($2) or a box of 5 packs ($10) which has 3 Bathroom Buddies stickers in each box. You can also go the hobby box route which will run you between $45-$50. Hobby boxes are always more expensive but that's because they have even more stuff in them than the retail packs.

The hobby boxes have additional inserts that include reprints of classic 80s stickers, the Gross Bears (Care Bears), sketch cards, autographs, and wax pack parodies.

I'm a little tempted to grab a hobby box just to try and get some of these wax pack cards! If you're an 80s kid or just love 80s culture, I cannot recommend this set highly enough. Much like watching VH1's I Love the 80s, it'll have you strolling down memory lane and maybe remind you of a few things you totally forgot about.

While researching these, I found out Topps has a Wacky Packages Go to the Movies set
coming out in March!

Jan 31, 2018

Monthly Movie Recap - January 2018

Welcome to the first Monthly Movie Recap of 2018!

A few reminders
1: Movie links go to Amazon where you can order the movie (or anything else) and drop a coin into the site's meager coffers.
2: You can find me on Letterboxd which is sort of a social network site for movie watchers and a great way to keep track of your viewings.
3: Feel free to drop a comment about something cool you've seen recently or to chat about any of the movies below.

*Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017)
I think I look forward more to the second viewing of a new Star Wars movie because it's easier to take in when you have an idea what to expect. I really can't think of another movie in recent history where I felt so much emotion watching it.

Haunters: The Art of the Scare (2017, Netflix)
This doc takes a look at people who put on their own haunted houses. Although there are a couple people interviewed, it seems to focus more on McKamey Manor, an extreme haunt that is more of a psychological endurance test. It's amazing how much of their own money these people sink into their haunts. Heck, if I could do it, I'm sure I would too!

"Saw" You Later: I get some people are looking for that "next level" scare but I prefer my haunted houses to be more traditional and Halloween related. But don't let that stop you from checking out this flick.

Rating: Documentaries are hard to give a number rating to. If you're into Halloween, see it!

Kong: Skull Island (2017, HBO)
I'll admit, I'm really only passingly familiar with Kong but I had a ton of fun with this one! I thought it was a really great creature movie. Although it's set in the 70s, it has a 40s/50s "lost world" pulp vibe going on. I do have to wonder how the ecosystem supports such big creatures.

Brie-ng It On: Somehow I've never seen Brie Larson in anything before now and I'm really looking forward to seeing her as Captain Marvel.

Rating: 7/10

*Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)
This was the first and last Hellraiser I saw in the theater. Coming back to it the only things I remember were a CD shooting Cenobite and that I didn't care for the movie very much. My feelings haven't changed. This is a bad attempt at making Pinhead more like Freddy, complete with wise cracks and weird dream stuff going on. Also, how do you Hellraise with so little gore?

Audio Flashback: The best thing about this movie is the soundtrack. I've listened to it countless times since '92 so it was a treat hearing the songs in the movie.

Rating: 3/10

Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996) 
I was a little excited for this one, usually when horror franchises go to space you get some crazy awesome stuff. While the ideas they have here are great, the could have been carried out a lot better if they had a budget. Terrible, terrible CGI.

Drag Me to Anywhere but Hell: I am starting to wonder which is the lesser evil: forcing myself through this series or opening the puzzle box. I'm not really "getting" the series, it feels like more of the same every time.

Rating: 4/10

The Fate of the Furious (2017, HBO)
AKA, As The Wheels Turn. Look, no one is mistaking this for high art cinema, it's a high octane soap opera/comic book come to life and is a crazy over the top good time. Someone needs to make Michael Bay watch this to see how insane action and blowing stuff up can still make a fun movie.

Roads? Reportedly, there is talk of the next installment going to space. Let the good times roll! Fly? I really want a Rock/Jason Statham spin-off myself.

Rating: 6/10

A Christmas Story Live (2017, Fox)
Okay, I know it's a musical but I was pretty music'ed out after the first half hour. What it lost on me in musical numbers, it made up for in clever camera work and set design. There was one set change during Dad's number about the lamp that just blew me away. Watch the number here and remember it's live so there's no cutting away.

Rating: 5/10

Lights Out (2016, HBO)
I was expecting another ho-hum PG-13 horror flick but this shows just what you can do when you have more scares than slaughter going on. Yes, it has the requisite jump scares but it's also pretty creepy! It has an actual story with some family drama and an interesting take on the beastie's origin.

Sleep with the Lights On: Might be a good idea to watch this one during the day...

Rating: 8/10

Year to Date Total
New: 6   Rewatch: 2

Jan 24, 2018

Star Wars Space Punch

Although the blog post title sounds like something the pilot of an anime mech would shout when attacking, it's actually about a beverage.

I found these last month at my local corner store. It was kind of funny, we were coming back from vacation which was Star Wars-centric (read all about it here) and we had to stop for milk on the way home from the airport. I walked into the store and there was this display.

I hadn't heard of it before but being the collector person I am, I had to grab at least one of these to check it out. I picked up Poe because he was the only other light side can other than C-3P0. Sorry, 3P0. Each character is numbered but there was no checklist with the display. Poe is 20 and I definitely didn't see 19 more cans here.

This was just before The Last Jedi was released so I presumed it was a tie-in but thought it strange there was no TLJ branding on the cans or display. Then I ended up looking at the display photo more closely and noticed that's a Deathtrooper on the second shelf and not a First Order TIE Pilot.

After a bit of Googling, I found these debuted in Europe last year and made their way to the US in October but in limited distribution. Currently, there are 20 designs with possible plans for 40 (!) more in the future. Oddly, I'm only able to find images online for 12 designs in the US right now.

The tall, thin can design would have you think it's an energy drink but it's more of a lightly carbonated fruit drink. And it's got vitamin in the name, so it must be good for you!

But how does it taste?

Not great. It's like all the juice in the fridge had a sip left and they decided to mix them all together. Having made my share of "suicide" drinks over the years I know it's fun to experiment with flavors but this...just....no.

It's a blend of blackberry, blueberry, grapefruit, orange, pear, and raspberry juices from concentrate. That's too many flavors, you're just asking for trouble.

Although the drink goes down the drain, I did go back recently to see if they had any different designs and I was not let down.

You can find Star Wars Space Punch at convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. Retail varies between $2.50 and $2.99. If you really gotta have it, you can get a 12 pack from Amazon with all different designs for $38.


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