Jun 3, 2016

May 2016 Loot Crate - Power

If you got the May Loot Crate, you'd be playing with Power!
Because that's the theme...not because it came with a Power Glove.

Loot Crate provides me with product every month in exchange for review/promotion.

This month's mag has a Hulk-tastic cover and fun things like Thanos' Muffins of Death (by Chocolate) cupcake recipe, a 5 page interview with Warcraft movie star Robert Kazinsky, and a guide to the Infinity Gems. They wrote some of the articles around the items we got which I like. Before, the loot was featured by itself with brief text talking about it.

The pin is from the new video game Battleborn and it unlocks same rare in-game items.

Our first item this month is an Age of Ultron based Hulk Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanix. This is the third Q-Fig we've gotten in recent months and they're pretty cool for being a few inches high. I really like the art style and the amount of detail they pack.

Now you can control of all Time and Space in your kitchen with the Infinity Mitt! But I wouldn't suggest using it for anything other than maybe taking toast out of the toaster. It doesn't seem to be well insulated or thick enough to pull something out of the oven.

UPDATE: Since writing this post I received a voluntary recall from Loot Crate stating there have been "isolated incidents" of the mitt not performing as it should:

"Loot Crate will take appropriate steps to secure the Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitts that were distributed on an urgent basis. Please store this product in a safe place until we can develop the appropriate return or disposal protocol. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience. Loot Crate stands behind the quality of the products we offer and will ensure that our Looters receive a replacement product of equal or greater value, or a sufficient refund."

Next to that is a Dragonball Z Plush keychain. The book says it's a keychain, I say it's a backpack buddy. I've never watched DBZ but yeah, it's a cute little Chinese dragon.

And this month's shirt is from Warcraft. Another insanely geeky thing I have had no interaction with whatsoever. There's only one Alliance for me, and it's got Rebels!

Here's a shot of the Hulk Q-Fig against the inside of the box. I love the grin on him. It looks like he could be really angry but it also looks like he's going to enjoy smashing you.

This month may have been Power, but I'm feeling more Prince Adam than He-Man. It happens to everyone from time to time, the loot just doesn't hit your preferred areas of pop culture. Not a big deal, considering how good they've been the past few months.

If you want to get Powerful loot breaking down your door every month, jump over to LootCrate.com and use promo code AEIOUwhy for 10% off any subscription.


  1. Did not know that the "pin" unlocks game-play bonus...
    Enjoy your "loot crate" reviews...
    A great weekend to you and yours.



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