Jan 28, 2014

Really Micro Machines

A few weeks ago, I had a geek swap via mail with the owner of Nerd Out With Me (name held to protect the innocent). He commented on the Grip-It controller caps in last month's Loot Crate and since I had a spare set, I offered to send them to him.

Totally unexpected by me, he said he had something Star Wars to send to me as well. You can't really tell from this blog but Star Wars takes up a large piece of my fandom pie. Here's what he sent...

In the enclosed letter, he told me that he worked at a movie theater back in 1997 when the Special Editions were released. The theater got this special Micro Machine set as a promo for customers and he happened to snag a few. Let's be honest, if you work anywhere that gets cool stuff for its patrons, you're gonna sneak a few for yourself!

I don't know if I forgot about this set or was never aware of it, but I don't think I've seen it before. As you can see from the LEGO minifig robot, they are very micro Micro Machines! In case you're squinting at your monitor, the box has the Millennium Falcon, Boba Fett's Slave I and the Death Star II, one ship representing each movie of the trilogy. I almost typed original trilogy but at the time these were made, there was only THE trilogy.

The sides of the box sport the gold ingot trilogy logo and the back says how Galoob is doing this set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Star Wars and the Special Editions being released. It's a fantastic little set but I suspect it's going to remain in its sealed bag for now.

So thanks to (name withheld)! If you haven't go check out Nerd Out With Me. He puts up some fun movie challenges every week.


  1. Pretty sure I have a couple sets of those somewhere from my old job as well!

    1. I only remember the Luke figure that was given out so I'm starting to think I really didn't know these existed, which makes them extra cool!

  2. That dude must be really cool. LOL. Btw... the Grip-It pads you sent work even better than I would have imagined! Thanks again Dex.

    1. Nice! I've been using them on my controller too. Definitely helps ease the wear and tear on your thumb after a long session.



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