Jan 14, 2013

S.L.U.G. Zombies - Wastin Away Again

Here's another trio of gruesome ghoulies from Series 4. This group is a bit more loosely connected than the last group. Why I feel the need to put them together by theme?
I don't know.

Jamaica Me Sick

s.l.u.g. zombie series 4 jamaica me sick reggae rastafarian

Previous Job: Guitarist for Jimmy & the Moaners
Likes: Voodoo & incense
Dislikes: Da mon, mon!
Favorite Food: Jerk Chicken with Mashed Toes

Is he a zombie or a sun-baked beach bum with a guitar? Either way, he probably smells about the same. JMS is a middle of the road figure for me, not great and not horrible. At least he's missing both shoes.

Gangrene Gene

s.l.u.g. zombie series 4 gangrene gene

Previous Job: Tiki bar mixologist
Likes: Parrots & Gettin caught in the rain
Dislikes:  Disobedient dogs
Favorite Food: Key Lime Kidney with French Fried Fingers

I'll get to his dislikes in a minute but first, let's check out the detail on Gene: patterned Hawaiian shirt, lei, a single earring and a tropical drink (maybe a piña colada?) in a skull with a tiny umbrella. And he's still got both his flip flops. He's a great figure!
Oh yeah, forgot to mention his gnawed on right leg and missing hand...

Ferocious Frankie

s.l.u.g. zombie series 4 ferocious frankie dog

Previous Job: Pet to Gangrene Gene
Likes: Fire hydrants & squirrels
Dislikes: Rolled up newspapers, Piece Mail Pete
Favorite Food: Whatever she can sink her teeth into!

Frankie is maybe the only figure whose bio specifically mentions other S.L.U.G. Zombies. Piece Mail Pete is a mailman from series 1. She's also only the second animal that's been released, the first being the lab monkey Mr Jingles from series 2. It's hard to see in the photo, but she has a bandana tied around her neck.

Because it mentions she is, or used to be, Gene's dog, there's no doubt that she's got Gene's hand in her mouth. The two of them even come in the same 3-pack! These two look great setup next to each other, instantly making a scene.

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  1. I found Gene/Frankie the other day and had to have them. The uniqueness of the dog zombie coupled with her pairing with Gene make the pair a must have!



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